Phonak Ambra Micro P with ComPilot TV-s

I received my Ambra Micro P’s that I’m using to correct my Reverse slope hearing lose with a dip in the 4k range. So far, I like them. I am currently getting use to the new sounds, but so far, there has been some sucess.

I had mine fit with a micro tube and dome. The Audi set me up with a small size dome, but today, I returned to grab the medium and large size, as I found I liked the sound better when I pinched my lobes, so I figure I was leaking too much sound. I first tried the medium size, but settled on the larges.

I’m not sure yet if I like the auto setting, as it doesn’t seem to ever switch settings. I find myself switching to one of the other programs in restaurants (Ultra zoom premium). I may get use to the auto setting in the future when I become accustom to hearing refrigerator and heating system noises, but I currently find it a little distracting.

When the Audi set up the aids with Target, the sound had a little too much bass, and everything sounded echoy. I had the Audi reduce the 250 and 500 Hz and she turned off the compression that was happening in the 3-4k range. Much better.

The t-coil doesn’t seem to want to switch on automatically, but works well when I manually set the program to it.

Bluetooth streaming works well with the tv-s base station. It was extremely easy to set up. I am amazed that I can wonder through the entire house and hear the tv, which is quite a distance away and with multiple floors and walls in the way. But the left hearing aid seems to loose signal every now and then.

I am currently streaming music from my laptop in the middle of a Starbucks(note: windows 7 isn’t the easiest bluetooth to set up). The sound is a little low on bass, and the microphone is still active in auto mode, so it’s a little hard to listen to.

I had the Audi set up a mute program, which is great for reading in a coffee shop.

I’m amazed that these BTE’s are so small. They are not a lot bigger then my old CIC’s, and they are not all that noticeable when being worn, and I have really shot hair.

The ComPilot is pretty easy to use, but I wish that I did not have to wear it looped around my neck when streaming. Maybe in the future, Phonak can come up with something that can be worn on my belt. Speaking of which, it would be nice if the times that I’m not steaming, if it had a belt clip option or holder, so that it didn’t have to go in my pocket. I have hit it accidentally several times today which switch programs on me. a bit of a pain in the assets!

If those domes don’t work out, there are tulip domes or power deomes ( a double dome) that may work.

Yes. You could also try slimtips. Small cusmom made hard or soft tips that fits your ear. (more expensive though…)
Your audi should be able to change the sensitivity of your auto setting, also how smooth the transition should be. You could give it a try.

The t-coil does not switch on automatically if you are around a loop system, you would then have to change to t-coil program manually.
You may have EasyPhone enabled, that is a magnetic switch in your ha’s that will change to a selected program(T-coil, acoustic phone or similar) if you bring a magnet near it.

If your left aid looses signal it could be the ban coil in your left ha or the iCom (It streams in stereo, so one side can be defect). If you only loose the signal in the left ha while using tvlink, and not when streaming trough smartphone or similar, it could be the tvlink as well. Lots of options :wink:

I know phonak had “pouches” for many other products, perhaps some of those would fit…(MyPilot,SoundPilot…) Also lots of belt pouches on dealextreme;)(I would go over the seams though…)

I’m trying to connect me ComPilot to a Windows 7 laptop with all updates installed. The Bluetooth pairing works, but when I right-click the Phonak ComPilot icon in the Devices page, I get an exclamation point next to Troubleshoot, which eventually reports that no device driver is installed. Windows then tries to find a driver but fails.

you must download and install Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 - 64bit.exe