Phonak aids with ICOM help needed

I have Phonak aids and an ICom. It was working great for 2 years. Then I put the Icom away for 2 years or so, and decided a few days ago to try it again. It paired up right away with my phone. I used the phone and listened to music. The next day I tried it again, and it will not transmit to the hearing aids. I can connect to my phone just fine. The green and blue lights are blinking slowly, indicating full charge and a connection to my phone. But no sound from the phone. I tried every possible thing in the manual to cure this, but am out of ideas. I ve deleted the Icom profile off of my phone, hit the reset button, and reconnected 6 times and still nothing. My phone is connected to the Icom, because there is no sound coming out of the phone if I try and use it while it is connected to the Icom.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I m (or was) planning on getting a TVlink from Icom , but am not going to do it,of course, if I cannot get the Icom to work.

Thanks for your help!
Brad Nicholson

Icom has a new firmware update that your dispenser/audi needs to upgrade with their computer. The new Icom/Tv link is awesome and I wouldn’t let your Icom troubles keep you from trying it. You have to remember with ANY bluetooth device they have problems and won’t last forever. I only sell Phonak and I love their products. You will love the new tv link bundle.

I don’t know if the firmware update will help there might be a problem with the Icom. I would personally just get the new device that’s out. Just my opinion.:slight_smile:

let’s see it worked one day and the very next day it doesn’t so it needs a firmware update! maybe if he switched phones overnight.

If you read my post correctly I said it probably isn’t it, but your so interested in following me and commenting you missed the point. Ignorance must run in your family IM BACK. :D:p:eek:

Very professional of you… Why don’t you just put in your sig that you are a hearing aid salesman and you for some reason can only manage to learn software for one manufacturer. Then everyone would understand why you always cheer for Phonaks.

Hi Draboo
Have you confirmed their is a signal coming from the iCom at all? - try connecting the icom to an ipod (or similar) with an audio cable to confirm the iCom can send a signal to the aids. If you don’t get any music that way it would indicate the iCom is faulty, possably the neck cord which is the transmission antenna - also check the detachable end of the neck cord is firmly plugged in. - hope this helps

on my phone I have to switch from phone handset to headset after the ICOM is connected to the phone.

Not sure if I have the same problems, but I have had a number of problems with my Icoms. I bought a Solana with two Icom/tv links last year, as I managed to convince my employers they were necessary for me to use as a hands free whilst driving!
They provide pleasure and frustration in equal measures. I have downloaded my entire music connection onto my Sony Erricson mobile and when the Icom work they are great and I listen to music now more than I have for years. I hear so much more depth in the music and in proper stereo effect as the HA’s are tuned to my lopsided hearing loss.
I first statred having problems with the Icom whithin a couple of months it started connecting to the phone, allowing calls OK, but would not connect to the media player. I had to switch everything off and on again sometimes several times before it started working. It was always the same one. Then the volume on the music would become very faint. It went back to phonak a couple of times before they replaced the workings in their entirety.
Not long after it came back the other one started playing up. sometimes it would loose the volume on music and sometimes it would become disjointed and crackle in my HA’s. It too was replaced in a similar manner. Unfortunately when that one was away the other one started to play up again and kept loosing signal. It would drop out or sometimes just one HA would. Eventualy it started to do it whilst I was on the phone. I tried connecting the jackplug lead between the phone and Icom but this made no difference. It was also doing this with the TV link and the blackberry I use for work. They were no better than my own Sony Erricson(which incidently is less than 12 months old). Am back down to one Icom again whilst the latest problem is sorted.
A couple of tricks I tried was to reset the Icom, which worked for a while, remove the battery from your phone and or delete the pairing and start all over again.
If all else fails try a glass of single malt it always works for me!!!

Best of luck

you need go back to your audiology reset program on your iCom and hearing aid after program connect then your tvlink will no problem again. I had same problem before.
when problem again one way ticket send tvlink/icom drop off audiology office and she/he will send back to phonak for repair
until you get back they are working fine no more problem.

I had problems with my ICom suddenly losing volume on BT connections or having a drastic volume decrease. Phone would quit, but TV worked, then the opposite. I solved it by deleting all pairings on the ICom (not just resetting the ICom). It was a pain to re-pair the BT devices I use, but the problem never came back. The instructions for deleting all pairing information are in the manual, but I think you use a pen to hold the reset button down for like 20 seconds or something.

Hi there

I’ve been having onging problems over rthe past year and a half that continually have Phonak repair or replace either my TVLink or ICom(s). Both IComs that I own will often, once each month it seems, to loose volume through the TVLink. It is really getting fustrated but to Phonak’s credit, they still are honoring the warranty and not charging me any additional fees to repair them. I use a Plantronic Hub with my ofice landline along with my IPhone without any problems. I only have problems related to the TVLink it seems.

Any thoughts?

you need bring your hearing aid / iCom to your audiology office, she/he will upload program to hearing aid and iCom.

The audiologist has reprogramed each ICom and aids very regularly after each time the rebuilt/replaced ICom was returned from the Phonak repair station. In the year and a half that I’ve owed the two IComs, the units have been repaired/replaced no less than 10 times.

Fortunately, Phonak is still honoring the traditional one year warranty and they are mystified about whats going on for me.

My aid’s are Naida s crt ric. I am using the tvlink www/ compilot, When watching tv i only get sound in the left ear, is this how it works or should i have sound in both ears? THANK YOU

I have had my Phonac Nadia hearing aid for about 2 years. Well, not quite. First Phonak had a lot of sound issues such as echoing, etc. Been sent to shop 4 times, especially for when it got damaged from my sweating. It’s supposed to be water resistant. Just recently I had them replace that “LEMON”. The new one same type sounds much better. Will have to wait till summer to see if it’s water resistant?
Now to my ICom, the sound quality is not good at all. Sounds scratchy and I cannot make out most coversations. I really need that ICom for my work or something that works well. The ICom cable around the neck is weak and does not hold up well. I am really tired of spending $100 to have it fixed every time. This will be the 4th time going to the shop.
Any suggestions, new hearing aids, brands, etc…
Need something that works and not going to cost me money everytime it breaks down.

If you have 2 hearing aids, you should hear with the compilot in both hearing aids.

If you have the old Naidas, the water resistant is not as great as the new Naidas. Confirmed by phonak in a email to me, when I asked them about it.

Upgrade to the compilot, you won’t spend as much as the compilot is great compared to the icom. Icom is very poor in quality compared to the compilot.

If you look in the phone to see the iCom connection (assuming smart phone) you will notice there’s one for phone audio and one for media audio. See if the media is unchecked. This can be found under the blue tooth section.

Second - Try taking the LOOP and hang the icom from your ears - Yes, that’s right - Hang them from your ears. This is not for audio but to check the loop itself.

If you can hear once you loop the iCom around your ears there’s a good change that the loop is damaged. It’s only an FM antenna (for the most part).
The newer ComPilot has similar loops but fully remove able. This help as you can always order a new loop and not have to send the unit back.


PS - If someone is annoying try silence… Give them less power to annoy!!

Phonak took back my two icoms and blink and exchanged it for a complete new compilot plus New
tvlink. Major improvement on all counts and doesn’t break down like older original system. I still ordered replacement neckloop in case this one begins to break. I still think it will only be a matter of time before it will fail me.