Phonak Adeo Marvel

I need to know if I can fit and change my HA’s only with my laptop’s Bluetooth and no other fitting adaptor? If not can I change the settings via remote connection if I have the exported file from my Audiologist? Thanks in advance.

No you’ll need the programming device (Noahlink) and software (Target)

Noahlink wireless. Both exist, non wireless version does not work with marvels.

This statement is not true. There are Phonak Marvel aids that can be programmed with wired connections. The attachment is for the Audeo aids only. More research would find the same with Sky, Bolero and Naida aids. We try to be correct in the DIY forum so not to confuse those trying to learn about programming. Details and terminology are important here. Thanks

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You’re right, for some reason I remembered that table as ‘none’, forgot T coil versions. Sorry.
I remembered many posts reminding that we need wifi version so that stuck.

My logic was ‘if OP doesn’t have anything, then buying noahlink is * wrong, while noahlink wireless is right’.

  • now, because of your note that for tcoil version older way will work.

This is absolutely correct, great information.

Perhaps some newbies can learn to use Target/Help to find a Product Information document for their model hearing aid. And, within that document a section named Fitting (usually on Page 4) that specifies the required software version, and required fitting device(s).

Phonak Target; Click Help/PhonakPro

  • Click the Resources button (upper-right)
  • Select Literature Left Pane under (Information & Forms)
  • Select your model hearing aid in Pulldown-Box named [Browse by product]
  • Maybe Select [ ] Professional Materials to limit the number of documents displayed because you may have to advance past multiple pages.

Usually you want to find a Product Information document for your specific hearing aid model; But in this case of Phonak Marvel models, the document is named (Brochure: Phonak Audéo Marvel) in place of a Product Information document. Also it is not classified as a Professional document so uncheck the [ ] Professional Materials box.

Avoid using the old/almost obsolete wired programming device NOAHlink. Understand that NOAHlink is not Noahlink Wireless

However, sometimes newbies don’t have the time to read this much. So maybe just go ahead and tell them whatever will get them pointed in the right direction.

Let me correct you here, your logic is flawed, they don’t both exist at all, noahlink = wireless, NOAHlink is the older obsolete device that nobody talks about, so it’s all in the spelling.

Spelling is the same. Caps/case aren’t/isn’t. Many people aren’t bothered with caps, me included, so I’m not lazy to add ‘wireless’ to be certain that I’ve avoided confusion. Plus, searching is mostly case insensitive.

Ask duckduckgo for noahlink and tell me what you get (google is biased, gives results based on your past searches). I get both.

You need to read pvc’s posts for newbies to get acquainted with and understand, this will help you a lot.

But getting back on topic, adamvn2 can you confirm the exact model you have as this will help.

You mean the one which emphasise ‘don’t buy noahlink, buy noahlink wireless’? Yup, I’m actually referring to it, that was the reason for my reply in the first place. He used wireless in the name, I’m using wireless in the name. You’re the one who is basically insisting that new person coming to the forum and asking for advice should know about difference in a case in order not to do wrong order.

Edit: Just because I’m new on the forum doesn’t mean that I haven’t read a lot already and learned a ton. Check my full stats if you don’t believe me.

Thanks for your input, but please stay on topic, as the op needs as much advice as possible.