Phonak ActiveVent Fit Question

Does anyone have the P90s with ActiveVent? If you do, my question is do the ActiveVent earpieces feel full in the ear? The reason I ask is because I don’t need or like that fullness. I have good hearing, with a dropoff a the high end, so I miss some consonants and therefore I miss some speech: Cocktail Hour Effect.

If the ActiveVent makes my ears feel full, I’d forego the whole thing. I do like my Bluetooth to sound full, but am not willing to sacrifice comfort for that. Thank you in advance.

I think is something you’re going to have try for yourself. For active vent to work, it’s going to require a good seal with a mold. If your definition of “fullness” is a snug fit in the ear then yes these will be snug. If by fullness, you’re talking occlusion, they should only be occluded when you’re in situations with loud noise or you’re listening to streamed music. I don’t think anybody elses experience can help you. They do sound like they’re designed for your type of hearing loss.

From what you are saying, I think I’ll pass. I wouldn’t like my ears “sealed” with a mold. Thank you for. your help, @MDB

I was just fitted with ActiveVent this week with my Audeo P90. They have the Titanium custom earmolds and as MDB stated, they are fully sealed, but when the vent is open it’s just like having vented custom ear-molds. I’ve had a number of custom molds in the past from acrylic to silicon and they have all felt as you describe as full in the ear. The ActiveVent with the titanium ear molds are the first where I can hardly tell I have them in, and definitely not that full feeling. I would even go so far to say I feel them less than a domed tip. I’ve found the overall sound is more natural and the streaming is much more full and clear. They are the smallest, best snug fit ear molds I have ever had. There are some quirks and getting used to a closed vent when streaming or calls, but it’s not much different than using a good quality earbud for calls and streaming, although the streaming sound still isn’t as good as music earbuds. The thing that’s most irritating is when using programs on my phone and iPad where some apps auto play adds or alerts activate the microphone for listening, the vents open and close a lot. I’ve been able to resolve some of those issues, but not all. But overall, so far I’m impressed and glad I switched, but I’ll hold out recommending them until I get more use and see the durability over time.


Ty for the info. I’ve heard about this before. For this, my first HA, I’ll stick with the more 1s. Going forward in a couple of years? Who knows?

Has anyone else had issues with the rubber grommet that holds the ActiveVent in the titanium ear mold fail? Mine has failed in both ear molds where the grommet on the outside of the ear mold tears. It appears the rubber they use breaks down over time (short period) and they would be better off using a plastic or acrylic grommet to hold the ActiveVent in place. Fortunately, my audiologist ordered be some replacements so I can fix myself when they fail.