Phonak accessories usb connector

I recently got a Phonak TV Connect and a PartnerMic. I find it odd that they use different USB connectors. The TV Connect uses micro USB and the PartnerMic uses USB C. I did a quick check and see the Roger Select still uses micro USB. Anybody know if any other Phonak or Roger accessories use USB C?

Did a little more poking around and found that a travel charger for the Paradise HA uses USB-C
I’m guessing this is a transition time for Phonak to move to USB-C and that it’s much more of a hassle and expense to switch a product to a different connector than I would have imagined.


I think you are right. I have some things with Mini USB, some with Micro USB, and some with Type C. Since Type C is the latest, it seems like everyone is moving to that standard. In another year or two, that will be superseded by the next new thing and here we go again. The one thing I like about the Type C is that you can insert the plug in either direction. I am not a fan of the Micro USB. Too fragile for the real world.