Philips Hearlink 9040

I would love to hear from those who have used the Philips Hearlink 9040’s. Any likes or dislikes? Any concerns? Positive and negatives? TIA.

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There are a number of ongoing threads about the Costco Phillips hearing aids with lots of great information.
Take a look around the forum. Also try searching for that aid.

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This is a good thread about it


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Here is another link I posted that has good info:

I chose Philips 9040 over Jabra Pro 10 after trying each for a few weeks. Both were very good, but I liked the sound of the Philips better.

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Thank you. I previously read through that thread (and others) prior to posting. I could find very few who have personal experience with the 9040 and their thoughts. That was my intention.

Interesting. I suspect that Costco sold far more KS10s than Philips 9010s or 9030s, and those models are no longer sold. In any case, there isn’t a lot of 9010/9030 info. I liked the 9010s better than the KS 9s(?) in 2020, and I like the Jabra Pro 10s better than the 9030s.

The 9040s came to market just 2-3 months ago, so not a lot of sales yet; hence not a lot of user experience.

The 9040 buyers are pioneers…


I’ve had my Philips 9040 for 3 weeks. Love them! I can hear everyone at my table in a busy restaurant, and now I can hear in the car while driving which I couldn’t before. Had a checkup at Costco after 2 weeks, The wire kept slipping out from my right ear, so Dan put a slightly larger end on the wire and it’s now working well. $1600 was the total charge. TV audio is very much improved but I still have difficulty with people who mumble like Columbo :slight_smile: But on the whole I rarely need CC.


Could you post your audiogram? That would help in comparing your hearing loss to mine!

Just got back from Costco. There is a software update for the 9040. I have been having bluetooth issues with connecting and maintaining phone calls. Also my left ear HA turned off and on 4 times in a 12 week time frame. If the update does not correct that issue Costco will send it back and get me a new left HA. Other than that I think they work well. These are my first HA’s. I am using the starkey domes which are much more comfortable than stock.

Interesting, I didn’t see a firmware update when I ran the Hearsuite software. My audi said if there is an update it should appear in the software.

Does anyone know if you could pair the 9040 with an apple watch? I have an 8 cellular.

You can install the app on the Apple Watch. I’ve done this. But I’ve never felt the need to use it because the app doesn’t do very much. And, I almost never have to do anything with the hearing aids because the General program seems to do it all for me. Now and then I need to change the volume, and rarely do I have to change to the Noise program. And I can do both of these things on the hearing aids.

I believe the latest firmware is 1.0.1.

I just downloaded the latest version of HearLink 2 to my android phone (version 1.2.0). Tremendous battery drain. Anyone else having problems?

Hearing aid battery or phone battery?

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If you don’t stream at all, would there still be a bigger battery drain than before? Just trying to ascertain whether the extra new battery drain is due to the streaming part, or due to the non-streaming regular amplification of the mics only for the environmental sounds.

I wasn’t streaming. Not sure what is going on. I just uninstalled and reinstalled the app to see if that makes a difference.

Does the new app do anything more than the current, feature-deficient app?

Yeah, if you’re not streaming at all and it’s still a battery hog with the new firmware, I would try to just use it manually without connecting it to the phone app at all (whether iPhone or Android). This is to rule out whether it’s the connection to the phone app that is now draining the battery quickly anyway, or if it’s just the aids all by themselves without having any kind of connection to any device at all.

Reinstalling seems to have fixed the problem.