Personic HA too loud

The last time I wore my hearing aid was 7 years ago. I wanted to try it on today and I used to put it on 2 but today 2 was too loud for me. I know theres a hidden door and was wondering I could adjust the sound myself using those screws behind the door, instead of shelling out money.

Also the sound, sounds different doesn’t sound high quality; its hard to explain. Also what does that slider do, I know your suppose to switch it when you do diff thing e.g. talk on phone.

Oticon Personic 400

EDIT:I don’t think it is picking up a certain frequency.

dang the personic are a very old old family
im surprise they still work, as i recall they used to be very fargile…
I would get an audiogram and get a new
digital hearing aid…

Can’t afford another hearing aid. Plus I don’t wear hearing aids since I got 1 good ear. Does anyone know anything bout these things?

the red is the MPO control and the green is a tone control
you still need an audi to fit them…

Mold fits! But what about that slider? What does each setting do/mean?

the red is for maximum power output the instrument is set so that
the aid will not reach the unfortable level

the green is a tone control…