Personal Amplifier questions

Help for Grandmother!

I’m hoping for some feedback on the personal amplifiers that are available. My challenge is that this is for my 96 year old grandmother who needs something very easy to operate, with no risk of falling out or getting lost. She no longer wears her ‘regular’ hearing aids for those reasons.

Her sister bought her one of the small amplifiers to try. It seemed easy enough, however the on/off/volume switch is hard to operate as it is so small for her fingers. I found similar models ranging from $30 - $150. I know these will not be as effective as professional hearing aid. But the hopes are that something is better than nothing, if it is easy enough for her to continue using it to help with TV and close conversations.

I had sent her my behind-the-head headset to use (instead of the inner-ear plugs.) While bulky, these were easy for her to use and of course no risk of losing them.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Adding to the challenge is the fact that I live quite far from her and am unable to help her directly. My brother will be visiting in next 4-6 weeks and could help more at that time.

Thanks for any comments or suggestions.

First, I would like to thank you for caring so much about your 96 year old grandmother. I think we see less and less of this type of “caring” for our elderly relative in our busy world.

Conventional hearing aids may be quite difficult for a 96 year old. Thus, if it is for simple one on one use or when visiting a doctor, etc, maybe the Pocket Talker from William Sound may be a good and cost effective choice.

On our website, we don’t carry the item, but if you do a google search, I am sure you can find many around $150 or less.

I carry those in our office in Hawaii, but we do not offer them for sale online, but they are a very cost effective solution.

Hope this helps you out.

Thank you for the suggestion! I’ll check into that model and hope I find an easy-operating device. While she is very ‘lo-tech’ she is always willing to try things… I frequently find myself hoping I’ve inherited her attitutude and outlook and can be going that strong in my 90’s!