Permanent hearing loss during flight descent

Does anyone know of anyone who has had any permanent hearing loss from a flight?

I had Sudden Hearing Loss about ten years ago which rendered my left ear practically useless (no speech recognition), and moderate hearing loss in my right ear. I tried everything including steroids then but nothing helped my case. In Sept i was on a plane flight descent and felt excrutiating pain inside my ear canals, and when getting off the plane, i realized that i could only faintly hear. Most of my hearing came back but not all, and its been four months.
I was at a critical hearing point before the flight but now, it has become too difficult to function at work and they have put me on disability. Of course, i wont bore you with the insurance nightmares at the moment, lets just say i have not recieved a cent.

     125          250      500       1000        2000        4000      8000

L 60 65 70 70 70 80 90

R 50 60 65 70 70 80 75

Hi, i’m hearing this type of problem for the first time in my life.
Thanks for sharing such information.

This type of hearing loss is Temporary and not permanent. This is because of the pressure external to your body is increasing, the pressure on the inner side of your ear drums is sealed from the outside, and does not change. This causes the ear drums to bulge inwards and result in a loss of hearing. It happens in airplanes.