Perfectly set Naidas confirmed by aided hearing test :D

I’ve just had an aided hearing test (both ears tested together) and I’m hearing at a flat level.

I’m hearing at 40db, 40db, 40db, 40db, 50db and 50db.

My average loss in my right is 98db and my left is 109db.

I’m very happy as I NEVER have to change my volume, no matter what level of noise it is. Just shows how good my Naidas are set :slight_smile: Thankful to my audiologist :slight_smile:

Is this a good aided hearing test?

Given your degree of hearing loss, those are pretty good aided thresholds. Speech recognition scores would give a better indication of your real-world performance.

WowI wish I could get results like that!!

Could you further explain what an aided hearing test is and how it is administered.


It’s wearing your hearing aids in a sound proof room (like the normal hearing test without HAs) with speakers in the room and you have to press the button Everytime you hear beeps. The beeps are like the hearing test.

I haven’t had one in years but asked for one as I was curious as to what results would come out.

I had one about a year ago. Surprise-surprise, the audiogram results were the same!

I still couldn`t hear any better though………

That’s not good…

Hey any chance of getting you setting’s from your audiologist, I have the same HA and loss so I could really get some satisfaction with my Nadia v sp set up just like yours :slight_smile: