"Perfect" solution for watching TV


Curious if anybody has the perfect solution for TV that allows clear understanding of the TV AND being able to carry on a conversation with somebody else watching the TV? Theoretically it should be possible with a streaming device and the hearing aid microphones set correctly, but I wonder how many people pull it off?


What’s “perfect”? :slight_smile:
Through all the self-programming fiddling and watching far more tv than what’s good for me, I keep asking the SO how the volume is. Like low, fine, high. The SO will say fine or fine to high or fine to low etc. I’ve dialed in the volume level. This is all without any additional device. Just the HA’s.
I have experimented with the sound coming out of the tv as well that I have written about elsewhere.
I still have problems hearing soft-spoken parts or that some voices just kind of muddled together.


And perfect for who?,
Once I found out I could mute the mics to stop the echo effect of the bluetooth streaming being slightly out of phase. I was happy. I can tweak my end to match whatever show is on. The SO does not like it because she does not know when I can or cannot hear her.

I tried what @z10user2 suggested. - turn the streamer off, have SO set the volume and then tweak my volume from the HA. That works. It may be a problem with some shows that I will have to test out over time. That means I’ll have to have control of the remote so I can pause shows when the SO feels like interrupting over the TV (e.g. adjunctive political commentary).

I’m wondering if there was a way to have one Bluetooth device stream to both the HA and a Soundbar? That would get rid of the processing delay echo which could/would require less muting of the mics yet still allow the TV to come out on top. That might be the best of both worlds.


Yeah, “perfect” was meant kind of sarcastically as my expectation is that although TV watching seems like a simple problem to solve, it’s remarkably complex. I’m impressed you have such good luck with KS7s. I have KS7s and had a special TV program set up with increased volume but it still wasn’t adequate. Streaming worked ok for watching TV, but I didn’t play around with microphone settings to see if I could converse with my wife. Part of the problem is me–I like to hear and understand every word and trying to work in casual conversation while listening does not work well. I’m glad people have found solutions that work well for them. I’ve gone back to TV ears–they let me control volume on the fly and I miss very little of the show. Conversation with spouse needs a pause or wait until the end of the show.


I’m pretty happy with streaming from the OPN and get nice bass out of it and still have the mics on the OPN at normal level to carry on conversation with people around you.

The trick is how to compromise the conflict between the streaming volume against the mics volume. You can either up the mics volume a few clicks or lower the streaming volume a little or do a little of both.

The Genie 2 software lets you preset the relative volume between the mics and the streaming content so you can have the mix the way you want up front so you won’t have to cuddle with it all the times.

The MFI control (triple click on the home button) let’s you vary the two volumes on the fly to adjust for when the conversation happens.


HalfEar: When I say no additional device I do mean no intermediate device. When i say dialed in the volume I mean in programming. I don’t want to be riding the volume buttons all the time. I’ll ride the remote :slight_smile: but I’m trying to find that right spot where some voices come through loud (as they do) and some voices come in low (as they do). This is verified with the SO. It’s those quiet voices that are sill troubling.
I find that the fancy higher budget tv shows are the sound problem. My receiver can alter the output sound from un-compressed to a fully compressed sound. This sound issue is really bad with those shows that make full use of surround and that have that crap load of background sound and music like the other thread about pet peeves. In compressed, the news or things like sitcoms seem fine. But a drama or action show are just ridiculous. For those I’ve been more able to hear things better going out to the surround amp and then the center speaker is playing the dialog and the surrounds are playing the noise (with the receiver back to normal).
As for talking during a show…three letters…DVR. We use this ALL the time. We rarely watch shows “live”. The news is about it. Want to say something? Pause. EZ-PZ.

MDB: I don’t yet have it “perfect”. I’ve been doing a lot of fiddling with the programming over all this time and I’m pretty close but still too far.
I’m the same with wanting to hear every word. It’s still frustrating. I’m still asking the SO, what was that last word.


My issue is that she’ll ask me and then I get frustrated! :>) Yes, TV speech quality is horrendous with all of the background sounds. We watch Netflix and I guess we could pause or rewind, but we haven’t tended to. I’m impressed that some of you seem to have found pretty viable solutions. I really think a lot of the issue is my wanting to understand every word and the intense focus that takes does not make me very receptive to conversation.


Well last night my SO and I watched a movie together from Amazon on FireTV. The volume on the sound coming out of the TV speakers was set at her request to the three o’clock position. My sound was sent from my Oasis aptX Bluetooth transmitter (plugged into the optical port on the back of our TV) across the room to my tiny Clipper Pro aptX clipped to my shirt, which gives me my own sound volume rocker switch, and which was plugged into my cushioned headphones.

We weren’t dealing with British actors or speedy teenage slangers, but nevertheless I left captioning on at the bottom of the screen as I am finally training myself to ignore it except when needed for fill-in. Otherwise it is distracting to the action for me. Things went great! I only recall looking down at the captions once or twice!

In addition, I experienced no distraction between her speaker from the TV and my input into my KS5s because there was no lag.

It was an exhilarating experience - only the third movie we have watched since my new aptX setup, and frankly before then it had been a l-o-n-g time since we had tried watching a movie. We are planning to watch another tonight.

Best wishes, Nate :smiley:


That is an extremely clever idea! I’m reasonably confident it could be done! It’s worth your while to try it.

Regards, Nate :smiley:

On second thought, there still might be a lag if the delay occurs during time needed for the sound to reach each of your ears? (Scratching my head.)


I have been using Sennheiser RS 160 RF Wireless Headphones for years with great success. Search Amazon and read all about them. Only $99.95. My wife wears them too and she doesn’t have HAs. Clear, crisp, not bluetooth. Individual volume controls. We can’t imagine watching TV any other way. Super comfortable too. We have introduced these to so many people. Everyone loves them. Since you are not streaming to your HAs, you are not affecting battery life either. I wear my HAs and just put the headphones on over my ears with no problems.


It is an interesting idea. Some of the Bluetooth transmitters we were discussing in ‘your’ thread will transmit to two devices at the same time. The problem is that all the ones I’ve seen will fall back to the SBC codec when transmitting to two devices. That means greater overall latency (ie possibly noticeable lip-sync delay) but the two devices would be more or less in sync. ‘More or less’ because the intermediate device will be doing an extra decode-encode to transmit to your aids, so it depends how much latency that adds.


Terrific idea! I had no idea Sennheisers wre so reasonably priced, considering their quality and established non-BT technology.
But how did you get your wife to wear headphones?


I have the Resound Direct TV unit. I use it with Beltone aids. It has an adjustment that allows you to increase or lower the audio stream from the TV or the person your talking with in the room.
It is a bluetooth device that streams to your aids. I am happy with it


Guess who owns Sennheiser? William Demant of Oticon fame. One of the so-called “Big Six”. hmmm

Dunc: I’m no expert but I’m not entirely certain that that unit uses bluetooth to connect to the HA’s. I’m not entirely certain ANY of these factory intermediate devices actually use bluetooth. They may very well accept bluetooth as an input…but I don’t think they output to the HA’s using bluetooth.


I just watch tv as normal - no Streamer. Occasionally some shows are a problem if there is a lot of background noise in the soundtrack. I use the speech enhanced and less loud noise versions of the settings on the tv, stereo and pvr. With good speech recognition scores solitary speakers on tv, like newscasters, should be clear.


I have had several radio and IR TV listening devices over the years, and use a Contego to hear my wife talk to me. Most die after about eighteen months, so I bought a Topping headphone amp from Amazon, which has just about enough volume for the TV, and hard wired it.
Now the Contego needs re-charging too often, so looked a other ways to solve the problem.

The answer was a Behringer 502 mixer, which has a very good headphone amp. Then use a condenser mic next to my wife`s chair. It works surprisingly well, much better than the Contego, although a little more bulky.


I use my Roger System. It’s perfect for me. I can hear the TV well and hear others around me. I can walk around the whole house and still hear the TV. The battery lasts on my transmitter all day and I charge it over night.


Wow. The Australia Tax is big on this one: Sennheiser RS 165: Amazon.com.au: Electronics (current version). There’s a 20% off sale on selected headphones at Amazon.com.au. Check for price-jacking first though.


For streaming a “single” aptX-stream to 2 headphones: Did you also test telme2’s TosBlue-Y. I have the predessor TosBlue-X2 since a couple of years but I couldn’t use aptX with my HAs (argh).
Actually I use a streamer (TVlink+ComPilot, Phonak) and the streamer is faster than the echo from the TV or homecinema-receiver. I would love to increase the delay of the streamer without affecting the output via TV. When I watch TV alone I mute the TV. With my wife nearby I mute the mics of my HAs. Otherwise I could not follow the show or movie on TV because additional watchers are unable to shut up. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


My wife has no interest in headphones and no need for hearing aids, so a single AptX stream is enough for us. I tried AptX with closed headphones and speakers on and thought that was fine. With non-AptX Bluetooth the sound was a mess. I’m very annoyed with Oticon for not supporting AptX in the Connect Clip. That’s not looking after their users in my opinion.

I’m waiting for a part so I can test streaming to the aids with the Connect Clip. With some combinations of hardware the SBC codec can work better than you’d think. I’ve mentioned in other threads a crowd-funded gadget that will transmit audio in Bluetooth AptX but also do some equalsation. I’m hopeful that that might be a solution for me, but then it won’t be easy to talk to my wife, so not ideal. Aaargh indeed.