Pebble Smartwatch App. for Profound Loss

I have profound loss now and even with powerful BTE hearing aids I miss a lot of information. I noticed a year or so ago that the Pebble Smartwatch has a downloadable app called “I see what you say” which pairs with a smart phone so that someone can speak and the message translates to text on the watch using this app. It is promoted as an aid to the deaf. This may help me with difficulties with hearing aid communication in the car, for example, or even in those crowded noisy environments where my hearing aids just don’t cut it. Anyone use this? If so: What Pebble watch do you use? I am so deaf that I cannot use a phone (I do have caption call at home) but this pebble watch app looks more promising for me when I am with someone who has a smartphone. Any input or thoughts on this will be appreciated. I am not a computer nerd and never got a bluetooth streamer device to work with the TV at all, but it would be nice to have a watch that does what caption call does while away from home.

The person would have to pair the watch to their phone. Doesn’t seem like an easy thing to seamlessly accomplish.

So would they have to talk into the phone for the text to come to the phone? I know there was an iPhone app created by a University with a similar concept, but the speaker would need to talk into your phone for the message to be translated to text.

Yes! The Deaf person (me) wears the pebble watch and reads the text on it. The hearing person (my wife) talks into the phone and I can read her voice message as the text on the watch. I use caption call on my land line phone which converts phone calls into text. (I am so hard of hearing that I cannot hear on the phone) This would do the same more or less, but it would be smaller and more mobile. Today I tried to download the link for the app but it was dead. So I am asking the pebble watch company to clarify this: see if it still offers an app to use for converting voice on smartphone or maybe a nexus tablet to text on the watch. I will see if I get a reply. I hope so. I think this would be helpful to those of us who are DEAF and very HARD OF HEARING.

Sounds like that would be very good for you and your wife then. With my low frequency loss, phone use can be a problem for me as well at times. I have a CaptionCall which I admittedly seldom use, but the concept of speech to text is great for us hearing impaired folks. Best of luck to you!