Paying for Hearing Aids With Medical Insurance


Have any of you used medical insurance to pay for hearing aids? If so, I’d love to hear your story.

Here’s an article I wrote up recently: Paying for Hearing Aids With Medical Insurance - Are They Covered?


My Fed BcBS just paid 2500.00 towards my TruHearing resound Quattro 7’s. Cost me 1000 out of pocket.


I switched to a new Medicare advantage plan that pays up to 1500 dollars a year for a pair of aids. Some insurance companies own small hearing aid companies and their aids weren’t powerful enough for my profound hearing loss.


To me a lot of the problem with hearing aid insurance is that it’s little more than a buying plan because you’re locked into a certain company.


My plan has a audiologist office with all major brands and not locked into one brand. I had to do research on which plan supports one brand or many brands.


But not all are like that. I get 2500 per ear every three years and I can go wherever I want.


Curious if this is through an employer plan or something bought privately?


Employer plan and I’m fortunate I know. They do have a partnership with Ampliphon which offers some discounts and perks like free batteries and domes for 3 years. It can work to my benefit but I’m not required to use them. I spoke with their affiliates in my area and was non plussed and chose instead to go somewhere else. The difference in out of pocket was not a significant issue for me.


Can make some sense in an employer provided plan, although even those can often be very restrictive. Buying individual insurance is unlikely to make a lot of sense as people who need hearing aids would be the most likely ones to buy it.


Have you heard about Epic Hearing Service Plans? They lower costs by 50% but you don’t even need insurance…it just seems too good to be true…I’m looking into it but can’t figure out why anyone wouldn’t use them, hence is there fine print? If anyone knows, please advise


United health picked up 3,000 toward the pair of ReSound linx3. Cost me 2500 out of pocket and it did go thru epic.
They will do this every 3 years.


I have the AARP Medicare Advantage PPO plan thru United Healthcare and United Healthcare owes a small hearing aid company and none of their aids help those with profound hearing loss.
I have tried Epic but would cost me 3,500 dollars for a pair of Phonak Naida V 70 UP. They do not offer the Naida V90 UP. This was last year.