Pause/Resume streaming with multifunction button (Phonak Lumity R70)

Does anyone know if it’s possible to set up the multifunction buttons/rocker switch to pause/resume a stream? I can’t get the double-tap to work reliably, but having to pull out my phone always to pause/resume a stream is not ideal.

I didn’t see this functionality in the Android phone app, so I’m assuming if it’s possible, my audiologist would have to do this. Just want to know if this is an option that exists before I bring this up with her on Tuesday.

You can hold down the top button and it’ll go to AutoSense but you can restart the music / audio unless you get your phone out.

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Ok, thanks, that’s what I thought.

In this thread i saw that it may be posible to setup Start/Stop streaming

Otherwise you can try to setup your phones voice assistant (hey Siri / hey google) to react for commands like

  • Hey Siri / hey Google: pause
  • Hey Siri / hey Google: play xyz

Google voice assistant commands

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That happened to me too.

Do you have the APP?

You can change the settings and restore phone answering. I did it.

My phone isn’t handy…try the app and you will likely see.



myPhonak APP

  • Devices
  • Hearing Aid Settings
    *Your Hearing Aids
  • Left> [Choose this first]
    Pause /Resume Streaming YES
    Voice Assistant [This is your problem] Don’t choose this setting
    OFF Don’t choose this setting
  • Right > [Choose this second]
    • Pause/Resume Streaming YES
      Voice assistant NO
      OFF NO


Hope this helps you.


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Interesting approach, thanks for sharing.

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I may have to play with this some more, I used the default sensitivity and couldn’t get it to work at all. Being able to pause/resume without pulling out the phone would be a major plus.

I have to use “firm” If I use the default setting and put my glasses on while talking on my iPhone I drop the call. Frustrating.

I have trouble with the APP. Every time I look for something I have trouble. It takes me a long time.

After 2 years with my Paradise Audeo P90R’s they’re finally set up so I can use them. I put them on, and the only setting I need is volume usually. I’m about 65 % satisfied with them. My first Phonaks I was happy with all the time, until my audiologist sold her business to Listen Up Canada. My second audiologist was slightly better than LUC…

Settings are key.


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