Widex has just introduce Passion, it seems like new high end hearing aid with
a bandwith of 10,000hz (seems like high frequency is the new thing!)
I will get the details later today!

Passion™ - the world’s smallest RIC instrument
Widex launches Passion™ - the world’s smallest Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) instrument - which provides the ultimate in discretion, comfort and style.

In conventional hearing instruments, the receiver, or loudspeaker, occupies a lot of space. By placing it in the ear canal, Widex has been able to considerably reduce the size of the housing placed behind the ear, offering a virtually invisible fit.

Technically advanced
Passion™ is not only one of the smallest, but also one of the most technically advanced hearing aids yet created. It offers the benefits of Integrated Signal Processing™ - a technology exclusive to Widex which ensures that all processes and features in the hearing instrument work together at all times. This means a more efficient, accurate and personalised processing of incoming sound.

Stylish colour selection
This new sophisticated hearing instrument comes in 12 modern, stylish colours and is available with interchangeable microphone grids in platinum and 24-carat gold. With its superior sound quality and cutting-edge design, it is the no-compromise hearing instrument for those who want the best of the best.