Paradise Naida UP 90s right side fading in and out

I’ve got a pair of Paradise Naida UP 90s and a back up pair same. My right side was fading in and out frequently so I went to my back up pair and they are doing the same thing only not as frequent but still noticeable. The fading only last for maybe 15 secs and no it is not the batteries. Anybody else experience something like this?

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Could be your ear hook @godavid_d, the little white damper inside the ear hook will sometimes swell up with moisture, this right sided damper could be partially closed? I had a similar problem, except my damper was closed completely, with no sound whatsoever, easily removed the damper when @Zebras correctly pointed this might be the problem…… Could be something else though. Good Luck in finding a solution…. Cheers Kev :wink:


Thanks Kev, no damper. It could be moisture. I have a dryer that I put the ha in every night but it is old.
So don’t know.

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Most likely is @godavid_d, you might have to replace your drier? I have been reliably informed that, removing the white damper might give you extra gain, but it can create a lot of internal problems with moisture! I think this is the primary purpose of the damper, to soak up any excess moisture, I have both my damper’s removed at the moment, as I am still awaiting new ear hooks to be posted out to me, via my A.uD, along with extra thick twin walled tubing, this will also give you approximately 5db extra gain, so at present, being damperless :upside_down_face: every night the aids go straight in my drier, as a precautionary measure…… But most certainly, I would put them in the drier every night, if you have no damper’s on the ear hooks. Cheers Kev :wink:

I find my right Marvel 70 SP fade in and out when watching TV but not when on a phone call.

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I have a pair of Paradise 90 312 and notice the fading in and out with the tv connector and while streaming from samsung phone on android 12. I have not noticed it on phone calls either.

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Swapped back to my Naida M70’s yesterday @Zebras, I noticed they are quite echoey during a phone call on my iPhone, clarity was good though, no fading in and out…. Those M70’s are loud, will take a few days to become accustomed to again, but they are very crisp, and clear…… I do like them. Cheers Kev :wink:

Do you notice the fading in the right ha or both? thanks Mine is in the right It was doing it often this morning but it quieted down after two or three fades.

Sitting here right now listening to pandora being streamed to aids and faded twice in 15 minutes and definitely included both aids. Fade lasted 10-15 seconds each time.

So far my fading is just on the right side. It seems to fade with different frequencies. I talked on the phone for the better part of an hour using bluetooth with no fading. I watched a movie last night using BT with no fading. Does not seem to be any rhyme or reason for the fading. Have not got a new drier yet.

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I had my Marvel’s reprogrammed and now the fading in and out on my right doesn’t happen.

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Thanks for the feedback Zebras. What are you saying about reprograming. Does that mean doing another audiogram and using those specs. Are just resetting to the defaults of the ha? Like I said before this fading is occurring in both the main ha and the back up ha.


So sorry I must of missed your response.

Um I literally took my old settings from my old Phonak Sky V70 and transferred them to my Phonak Sky M70 it did give me a different fitting formula and more gain as well.

Audiogram is the same on both hearing aids.

Still no fading in and out.

I think it may be related to APD fitting formula?

I’ll check but I think the fitting formula is nal 1 For what ever reason no fading today. I’m hoping to get a new drier soon. Yesterday lots of fading even with streaming a movie from a dvd player. What fitting formula are you using? I’m beginning to think that the weather plays a factor in how the hearing aids function. Its been really hot for June here in Kansas City Had a cool day today.

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I use DSL Adult.

It’s really odd why the fading appears but as it does it for both of your hearing aids, I would say it’s to do with programming rather then your Aids being broken.

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Well, I don’t think the aids are broken. It is just the right aid in both the main aids and backups. Day two of not experiencing the fading in the mornings. It cool this morning so I don’t know. Ordered a new dryer yesterday. When its hot and humid I do notice a change a in my hearing it is not the fading but different. Its more hollow and harder to understand speech. This is when I’m outside for any length of time.

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I have a completely different idea of what could be the cause the fading in and out:
The automatic switch between programs, especially when the gain differs in the programs.

@zebras: the HAs try to detect speech and music automatically. There are separate programs for this. I’m sure you know what I mean! :wink:

@godavid_d: if the gain is lower in one of the automatic programs for the right HA, that could be the reason. Maybe just manually select one of the manual programs and see if the problem stops. Then double-check in Target if the two HA are linked in all programs. I think your audiogram does not require separate settings.

I could be totally wrong with that, it’s just an idea. :thinking:

I spent some time (a long time) watching the APP on my iPhone. it wasn’t fun.

In autosense I saw settings change. I even saw volume change on my Left hearing aid. It was emphasized when the source was on my left.

That darn APP>…turning it on is ok. Selecting the widget bottom right corner of the screen is ok. It brings up detail showing current settings. However, I believe it doesn’t update!

Am I right? I could go back to the main screen of the APP and found that the basic program had changed, or settings had returned to the basic one.

I have not any fading for the last two days and like I said before I’m wondering out much the weather affects the paradise aids?

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Weather doesn’t affect mine. Toronto Canada. Humidity has been extremely high, with heat warnings the last few days.
Paradise Audeo P90R’s…with closed domes.