Paradise and landline / Acoustic Phone

My Paradise aids are working great in almost every case for me. The one thing I still struggle with us the #@& landline phone at work. Have tried t-coil but the background buzz is loud enough to make it still hard to hear the phone conversation.

With acoustic phone the increase in gain means I pick up a ton of environmental noise. Still working with my audi to solve this issue. Does anyone know if it is possible to turn of the mics on one aid in the Acoustic Phone program and it use the mics on one of the aids for the phone?


There is Phonak DuoPhone which does this but can’t think off hand if it’s available for the Marvel or Paradise.

There are landline phones that will automatically kick the call to your cellular device. Pedestrian prices but what the office infrastructure will tolerate may be the long pole.

The issue is that we have two lines and about 6 phones that calls need to be transfered to and from so I am stuck using our current cordless phones.


For both.

But I can’t vouch if it actually kills any mic, but it definitely could. I didn’t test it much.

It’s a checkbox under acoustic phone program.

It turns off the Mic on the ear that hasn’t got the phone up against and then transmits the call to both ears.
You have to select in the software, exactly what ear you’ll be holding your phone up too.

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@Blacky @Zebras

Thanks! That’s what I am looking for, I will have my audi set it up tomorrow.


You didn’t tell which version of psradise you have. 30, 50, 70 or 90? There’s a big difference in what featueres are available to you and therefore different suggestions are needed.
In all cases you could have a program where you have correct gains in one (specific) HA for calling and the other HA fitted with almost no gain applied.

I hope Duophone works out. If not, some cordless phones have a 2.5 mm headphone jack and you could plug in a remote mic charging base and stream to your aids.

I have the p70 rechargeables.

@sufhl Interesting, what type of base would that be? It sounds like an interesting option. Can you provide an example?

I have KS9s, which are basically phonak marvels, without the tcoil option. They work great for streaming from my iphone but landline calls are pretty difficult.

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Just finished up at the audiologist. Unfortunately we already have duophone turned on and I still have been having problems hearing on the landline. :frowning:

She gave me a tv connector to try, I just have to figure out how to make it work with the cordless phone at work


But have you switched to the right (DuoPhone) program when using a landline before?

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Not sure what you mean here. Are there sub settings under the duophone?

When you switch into the program that is programmed for DuoPhone and you hold the Phone next to the correct HA then you hear your callee in both HAs. The mics in the second HA is turned off by DuoPhone.
If not then something is wrong.

Hmm, odd. I do hear the phone in both ears, but the mics in both hearing aids are on and I pick up a lot of environmental noise. Not sure why that is. Both mics are on as far as I can tell.


Did you manually switch the program from autosense to the one for phone?

Yes I do manually switch. I have had the acoustic Phone program set on the aids for about a month, but just can’t get it to really work. I can hear the phone through both aids but the background/environmental noise is so loud it overwhelms the phone input.


@Zebras Yes, I have been using the Acoustic Phone program for about a month. It is the first program after autosense so easy to get to. It is ‘working’ I can here it send the phone to both hearing aids, the problem is that the environmental noise I pick up through the the mics overwhelms the phone input.