Parabolic Mics

I’m semi-retired and now living year 'round at our lake cabin in northern Minnesota. We’re surrounded by the pristine Chippewa National Forest. I used to love listening to the sounds of the north woods. Loons, hoot owls, wood peckers, wolves, various song birds, and (my favorite) frogs in the spring. But with my hearing loss over the last decade or so, the quality of my listening experience has greatly diminished. One evening last summer, my wife, who hears fine, was quite startled by the howling of a wolf pack across the lake. I heard nothing. NOTHING. And I haven’t heard a hoot owl in years.

I have Resound hearing aids with blue tooth capability, for iPhone calls and a micro mic. The blue tooth features are life savers for videoconferences and the like. I don’t have a multi mic yet, but am intent on getting one having read about its capability. But as I tell my friends and business associates, hearing aids do not make you whole.

I’m considering ginning up a parabolic mic, akin to what the nature videographers use. Wildtronics sells a blank 22" parabolic dish for $350. What I’m thinking of doing is buying it and mounting a multi mic at the focal point. For a parabolic mic, something omnidirectional is preferred. I understand the multi mic is more omnidirectional when oriented horizontally in the “table” mode. (My micro mic lacks omnidirectional capability.) Another thought is to mount a truly omnidirectional microphone (Roger Pen?) at the focal point and route it through the input jack on the multi mic. But as I have neither a multi mic nor a Roger Pen, the combination is speculative on my part. The idea is to sit on the deck or by the lake with the parabola mounted on a tripod and point it at things I want to listen to.

Anyone out there been down this road or otherwise have some kernels of wisdom?

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Sharing your audiogram would help us help you.

Pending on your hearing loss, correct and properly fit hearing aids should get all or most of those sounds back to you without the mics you mentioned.

But, the remote mics you talk about sound very interesting. I bet someone will chime in on that subject.

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I have bought this one:

and I intend to connect its headphone output to my MultiMic with a male-male jack coupler:


I have yet to try it.

LMK how it performs.