Pairing WIDEX MDEX to a laptop


Is it possible to pair MDEX to a laptop in order to listen to youtube or any audio files?

If your laptop is Bluetooth, it should work.

Yes, but I heard that it only supports bluetooth 2 and 3 not 4. So I am worried I would not be able to connect it to my laptop if it has bluetooth 4.

I have a M-Dex device and it uses a older version of Bluetooth 2. What you will have to do is use the audio cable that comes withthe M-Dex device and connect the M-Dex to your laptop or mp3 player however you won’t hear stereo sound only monaural sounds.

Here are some info on the M-Dex:

Q: Which Dex product will I need if my patient would like to use their iPod?
A: You could order the M-Dex (if you are mobile, but the transmission is monaural)
or could use the TV-Dex (audioinput, stereo) if listening at home/office, etc.

Q: Does the M-Dex also work with theTV?
A: Yes, you could use the M-Dex with your TV by plugging the audio output of the
TV into the audio input located onthe side of the M-Dex. However, it is not a stereo
signal like the TV-Dex provides.

Hello Terost,

Thanks for the help. May you please tell me your experience with the monaural sound of MDEX compared to stereo? Does it affect the sound clarity when you use the MDEX?

The M-Dex transmits a channel mixed monaural signal to the hearing aids. I have to use a mp3 player and headphones or T-Coil headphones to listen to stereo soundtracks.