Pairing restrictions with cochlear implant and hearing aids

My sister has a Tru Hearing HA and a Cochlear implant. She is in the early stages of learning to hear with the implant.
She has wanted to pair her HA to her iPhone and smart tv but she understands the audiologist to say that the implant can only be paired with ( or the only HA that can be also paired ) is a Resound HA.
That doesn’t make any sense to me.
It would seem that any device that can receive Bluetooth should be able to be paired simultaneously. For instance my HAs, my headphones and my car system are all paired with my iPhone.
Am I missing something?
As of now she is making slow progress with the CI even though she is being told she is coming along.
I have asked her to try to clarify what the audiologist is saying.

they all can be paired but the issue is that without the correct pairing of the CI and the hearing aid to each other only one will get the streaming audio. It is a limitation of the bluetooth protocol. It also depends on the CI capacity also.
Yes my iPhone is paired to my Oticon aids, my car entertainment system and my TV adapter but my aids can only accept the streaming from on at a time. The same is true with my iPad, and IPhone being paired to my aids, here my aids can only be connected to one at a time.

This is true for the newer Cochlear brand implants and processors. And the hearing aid must be a newer Resound hearing aid. A Google search for “Cochlear Nucleus 7 Compatibility” will get you the answer you are looking for.

Searching in the cochlear implant section of this forum will also help you.

If you can share the exact processor and implant she has that would help us.

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Also they are paired differently to things that work on classic Bluetooth so there are limitations to it.

The N7 works on Low Engery Bluetooth and not classic Bluetooth.

Likely hood is that the HA works on Low Energy Bluetooth as well.

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It’s true that a Cochlear N7 can only be paired with a Resound HA 3D or above. This will give her direct streaming without the use of any other ALS device.
This resound aid can only be paired to her iPhone by the CI AuD on the CI computer. That’s if you want them to stream simultaneously.

Phonak aids will work but you need to purchase 2 receivers, one for the aid then one for the CI.