Pairing problem

I am having problems pairing NoahLink. A Windows update last Saturday has prevented my laptop communicating with my aids. This is work in progress, and I am now using my desktop PC. It worked perfectly yesterday and I was able to pair NoahLink and make changes.

Today I cannot pair at all, although windows bluetooth is on, and says it is paired. However, the pairing wizard will find NoahLink, but the pairing button is greyed out.
Any ideas please.

Some use the names Noah, NOAHlink, or Noahlink Wireless to all mean the same thing.
I think you mean NOAHlink, not Noahlink? The one on the left in this picture, right?

Which computer are you having problems with, Laptop, Desktop, or both?

Which Windows Operating System/OS, Windows 10?

From NOAHlink Users Manual;
An installation CD is provided with NOAHlink. Put this into your disk drive. If the program does not begin running straightaway, use Windows Explorer to locate the Installation folder and double - click on Setup.exe

Thanks pvc.
It`s the one on the left. I found a USB fix, but that has not worked.
I have re-installed Noahlink before, but still no luck.

You say you’ve found a USB fix? Do you mean you are using a USB cable to connect instead of Bluetooth?

I don’t use a Noah but I use a USB cable to connect my iCube as Bluetooth is not reliable.

Pls see this link:
Many brands have already provided solutions, pls try to update your fitting software to the latest version.

Hi Zebras.
The Ezuro Bluetooth devise uses a USB port. I think it`s something to do with that…

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Hi pvc. I think I have found a cure…

Under “settings/ Devices/ Bluetooth, the noahlink is shown as paired. I used the option to uninstall on my desktop PC, and it then shows as waiting to pair. I connected the aids to Noalink, and the pairing wizard worked. It`s a crazy way of doing things, and I will find out next time I connect, if it is still playing ball.

My laptop was different. I removed Noahlink, and it was not in the list. But the pairing wizard worked, and I could connect.
It`s a mad mad world…

Thanks menglxs.
I have seen that before, I thought the updates were only removable for ten days. But I managed to uninstall the April one from the laptop. Not that it made any difference though…

I don’t think that @menglxs was recommending that you uninstall your Windows 10 updates. He said you should check for updates to your hearing aid fitting software.

Hi pvc.
I realised that afterwards, and I have updated Noahlink kernel to the latest. Everything is still ok, but although I have disabled windows updates, I have just got a message the security updates are being installed. How can Microsoft take over my PC. I will try using a metered connection. Hoping that will stop it.

You solved your original problem by forgetting/unpairing/deleting BlueTooth devices and then re-pairing.

I think you should want the Windows updates on your Windows computers. Sometimes there are important security updates in there to keep your computer from being hacked.

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The updates are still getting through. Yesterday morning there were six I didnt know about, until I went to shut down. I had disabled updates, but this was changed to manual. The updates were all things I do not want, or use. Security is important, but its accompanied by so much rubbish…

It’s a thing with W10. They shove it at you whether you want it or not. Whereas before it would tell you there’s an update and you could choose what to do with it.
Pros and cons both ways.

They were the days!!!
Now they want you to talk to your PC….Must be mad!

I don’t worry about whatever MicroSoft or ransomware hackers might do to my computer because I always have several versions of image backups.

Some of you think that using MicroSoft Restore (to restore your PC to an earlier point in time) is sufficient protection. It’s not. Ransomware hackers will disable Restore.

See Image Backup via Windows 10 Backup and Recovery tools for more info.

I have used both Acronis and EaseUS. They do a good job, but I found the later Acronis a little strange.

Microsoft has released a fix for the NOAHlink pairing problem.