Pairing problem with Multi Mic


I have a single GN Resound Quatrro hearing aid. I bought a used Multi Mic which I attempted to pair (shows up on the Resound App briefly as paired) but, after less than a minute, it disconnects. I took the Multi Mic to my audiologist and she had the same result. She did not know why the Multi Mic kept disconnecting. So I returned the Multi Mic.
I bought a second new (not used) Multi Mic and exactly the same thing is occurring. It connects, shows paired in the app but disconnects in less than a minute.
My hearing aid is not locked. My audiologist said she was going to check with Resound but did not call me back.
Has anybody had this happen? Any ideas about what is going on?



I don’t use my Multi Mic very often but when I do, it keeps a rock-solid connection to my Linx2’s.



Ditto TexasBob’s answer for me, too. Maybe it’s your Quattro not the Multi Mic that’s a problem. Don’t know if your audi has another Quattro or a LiNX 3D lying around but maybe she should try pairing the Multi Mic with something else.

Update: In the extreme, how about something like reset both the Quattro and the Multi Mic - reload your fitting settings into the Quattro, etc. Don’t know much about doing such with HA’s but as a Windows 10 Insider in the past, it was sometimes necessary with a PC after the latest and greatest Insider update proved not to be so great.



Thanks for the responses.
I do think that the problem lies in the Quattro (2 months old) since this is the second Multi Mic that won’t stay paired and both seem to be working fine with full charged battery.
I’m wondering if there’s something that is set in the programming (perhaps prior to getting to audi) that will not let a Multi Mic not purchased from the audi to pair.
My audi assured me that the Quattro is not locked. She was very surprised it wouldn’t stay paired so it’s nothing she did.
With my hearing loss, a multi mic would be very helpful so I would like to get it to stay paired,



I have had that happen once. Went through the initial set up again: Open HA battery doors, use a pin to push the little button once, close the battery doors within 20 seconds. That fixed it, hasn’t done that again.




I got the Multi Mic paired!
The only thing I changed in the pairing process is that I moved my iPhone out of range of the Multi Mic. Someone told me that the iPhone might be competing for the pairing process. When My audi tried to pair it, and she was very familiar with pairing Multi Mics, my iPhone was sitting right next to the Multi Mic.
It worked!

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Yeah, when you’re pairing things with your HA’s, you’re supposed to turn off all other nearby Bluetooth. Same with getting your HA’s to connect with a Noahlink Wireless connector for DIY, for example.