Pairing Oticon Streamer 1.4 to Opn aids

Hi. Does anyone know how to pair an oticon streamer 1.4 to opn aids? I bought one, but it turns out to be the model that requires pairing to the aids. Suggestions are to go to the audiologist, but is there any other way?
I use the Genie 2019 to program them, but don’t see anything in there to link the streamer to them.
Thanks, Mel

Don’t think the Streamer 1.4 is compatible with the Opn. You need the Connect Clip.

The Streamer is for pre-Opn devices using the Inium platform.

I can verify this. The OPN platform isn’t compatible with the older neck loop 1.x intermediary devices. You will need the connect clip.

Absolutely not compatible. Return it, if possible.

Awe, nuts…
Oh well. At least I only paid $34 for it…