Pairing Oticon Opn1 with landline?

I have Opn1’s and an Iphone6 and love being able to directly pair the Opn’s with the Iphone, so much easier and clearer. However I still have a landline also and probably will for some time and would like to be able to bluetooth the sound directly to my Opn’s. If I buy a bluetooth capable cordless phone/answering system would I be able to pair the hearing aids directly with the landline phone just like I now can do with the iphone? I suspect the answer is no. Would I be able to do this with the Connect Clip?

Thanks for any advice.

Yes, you should be able to connect your landline to your Connect Clip if the landline has Bluetooth. Alternatively, Oticon has advertised a “Phone Adapter”, to which I am still awaiting details, to connect the Connect Clip to a landline presumably without Bluetooth. I also have heard anecdotally that if you were to insert a Bluetooth dongle like the BTD 800 or similar in select landline phone models, the phone recognizes the USB dongle as a Bluetooth receiver and then can be paired with Connect Clip.

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I am currently using a bluetooth landline phone that connects to the Connect Clip. The Connect Clip sends the sound to my HA. There is a microphone in the Connect Clip that picks up my voice and sends it back to the phone.

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Thanks to brilliant and gkumar for the responses. My current landline phone/answering machine is old and has a problem anyway so it’s time for me to get a bluetooth capable phone/answering system. I appreciate your help, both of you.

My understanding is that Oticon is also supposed to come out with a USB Bluetooth dongle to interface between PCs that don’t support Bluetooth and the Connect Clip.