Pair of Oticon Agil Pro hearing aids, new over $5000, half off on Ebay

An earlier ad as removed so there is a pair of brand new Oticon Agil Pro BTE hearing aids for $2700 or best offer for sale on Ebay. They were purchased February 23, 2012 and used for a few hours before deciding not what I needed. Search for name of the hearing aids. Thank you!

If you used them for a few hours you could return them for a full refund, maybe minus a relatively small fee. So what’s the real story?

I do not believe I need a story to sell something on Ebay. Bought through insurance company, I cannot actually return even though under warranty. I have a pair of Oticon hits and therefore these are unnecessary sitting around. I appreciate your concern!

This is not a forum for posting items for sale.

I doubt you bought from an insurance company, so even if they were paid by insurance your dispenser or audiologist will take them back, it is common and many states have a mandatory return period, usually 30 days. That leads me to suspect there is something else going on.


something fishy

Are there any eyeglasses forums on the Internet? If so I wonder if people there are “saving money” by buying used glasses on eBay, without regard to what their prescription might be. Just get the right tools and you can reshape the lens to meet your needs, right? :wink:

I have bought and sold hearing aids on ebay, new and used. Yes, it can be done. And it can also be quite cheap. It´s an interresting experience. I have now tried oticon, starkey, siemens and rexton. and also lesser known brands like the chinese Austar. I have bought half a dozen aids for half the price of on HA.

One of the most amazing thing is to discover that an unknown audilogist can program a HA in one fit better than an audiologist you´ve known for 10 years. Go figure. This is not often the case but it does happen.

Two, you get to know all kind of approaches to sound and hearing aids.

There are some good sellers on ebay, but indeed this is not a place to sell or promote. You can look for them. I would not recommend to pay a lot for used hearing aids, I’d rather bid and sometimes you win a pair of HA for a ridiculous price of less than 100$. I did win a pair of Starkey AxentII ITE for 80$ and they work great, so even if I use them 6 months it can be a good experience for my decisions in the future, when I decide to buy a pair of new HA.

I started doing this because I did not have money to buy a new pair and it has become quite fun, and very interresting.

When you buy online you should know how to use your credit card chargeback rights. Click -> HERE.

I agree with ebayFANhearing that you can save big buying online. I made purchases that were over 70% less than retail.

I have been lurking for a couple of weeks gathering information for my husband about hearing aids. I sent this gentleman a note that I would be very interested in his aids if he would provide the serial number for me to check. Two promises but no numbers. If he would have provided the numbers and they were good I would own them by now.

If they were really only hours old and he had purchased them, he could have returned them, so he must have acquired them through another route.

And even if you purchased them for $100, Who is going to do the programming?

The buyer could become a self programmer. It’s so easy even an Audiologist can do it. :slight_smile:

These may not sell at the $2500 price point. Though if re-listed as an auction, I suspect they will get bids in the range of $1400 to $2200.

I just looked at my HA.  Where would I find a physical serial number on my Phonaks?  They are so small, there wouldn't be room for many numbers.  Maybe there are digital numbers "stamped" into the system?

   The MODERATOR should delete the phony ad posted at the top of this thread.

Feel free to remove the ad as I wasn’t trying to break your forum rules, however, the ad is far from phony, I did not magically wake up one day with Oticon hearing aids under my pillow. As for sweetcheeks, their zero activity on this forum, and due to a recommendation from my audiologist, I should not just hand out my hearing aid serial numbers to anyone. I suggested to the user to contact me through Ebay to request the numbers, since both buyers and sellers are covered under Ebay Protection Program, and any messages would be in their database incase of future problems. Any buyer, or potential buyer, has the ability to contact me through Ebay if they would like to contact Oticon to check the serial numbers:). Thank you all for your concern! The world must have truly been rough to cause all of you to be so distrusting. I’ll go back to now, have a nice day!

I’m not distrusting… but, just because I’m a woman I wasn’t born yesterday.

I believe the serial numbers would be on your receipt, on the box and the serial numbers are in your fitting summary. Where physically I don’t know as I don’t own the aids.

  You'll have to admit that there are red flags all over the place.
  1. ALL HA are returnable for full refund within 30 days in all states. Some, more.
  2. This was your first post on this site.
  3. You didn’t say why you just didn’t return them!!!
  4. You wouldn’t disclose serial number!! That’s like someone selling a car who won’t disclose the VIN #.
  5. Your Ebay posting says on the front page “7 day return allowed”. In your hand typed description you say “No return allowed”.

Offer - I’ll donate $100 to the charity of your choice if you can prove this is a legit product and would be recognized by the mfr. as being legit and under warranty. And can provide the receipt where/when you acquired them.
People try to sell “misacquired” cell phones on Ebay all the time. Every cell phone has its own IMEI (electronic serial number). The buyer often will have trouble establishing service with said phone.

P.S. I did just look at the box my HA came in. No serial number there. I don’t have the receipt - but I’m sure there is some identifying ID on it. And, like cell phones, is probably imbedded in the electronics.

2nd Edit: Went to the “” site you mentioned. I see you signed on as a new member 4 days ago to post this same ad referring people to the now withdrawn Ebay posting. To give you the benefit of the doubt, it appears the listing was withdrawn voluntarily rather than by Ebay itself.

As stated, any potential buyers can contact me through Ebay to request the serial numbers, as I won’t be giving them out to a random user on a forum. You’re mistaken about removing the ad, I actually just reposted the ad as auction style, as someone here suggested, as the buy it now wasn’t getting the attention it should have. As for the no return in the description, once a buyer has made an offer and in this case someone had, the description of a listing cannot be altered. Therefore, when I decided to give a seven day return period due to the unwavering skepticism here, to allow for which ever buyer to check whatever they like, including serial numbers and manufacturing date, I was only able to alter the returns portion of my advertisement, not the description. You are right that I am a new user to this forum, however, I am not new to Ebay and my feedback ratings are 98.1% positive. Feel free to close this thread, any interest, contact me through Ebay. I won’t be back to try and alleviate the conspiracy theorists so centered around this make believe hearing aid black market:).

Since your ears are almost identical, can you still tell the direction of loud sounds? I have trouble locating sounds and I think it’s because each of my ears has a significantly different audiogram.

It’s not a conspiracy theory to know there are only very few ways a person would have a new hearing aid used for only a few hours, and could not return, and would sell for half price.

  1. stolen (buyer can’t get it adjusted by an audiologist)
  2. a “lost” hearing aid, replaced by insurance (company will realize both hearing aids are active when they are adjusted and audiologist contacts company with new owner name)
  3. Bought cheap from someone where 1 or 2 are true.
  4. Bought legitimately, worn a couple of times, put in the drawer for months (possible, but if this is it, why not explain that)