Pain in the ear canal from using Click Sleeve

Since I use the click sleeve
Sometimes I have pain in the left ear canal.
It only happens to me in the left ear. It must be because that ear canal is slightly smaller than the right one.
I only feel pain when I touch myself behind the ear.

Generally if I stop using the hearing aid, in a couple of days the pain disappears.

But this time it’s taking me 4 days.

I do not think it is serious but I would like to know what pill you take for an inflammation of this type.

You need to have that checked out, maybe a smaller dome would help

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I can’t speak for pain medication but I can surmise from this that you are using two of the same domes. If so then you most likely have a smaller ear canal in that ear and the domes you are using are simply too large. I would suggest a smaller dome in that ear and see how that works. I had some aids before and had the same issue with one ear causing pain after a few days.

I now have custom molds and no pain but I can tell you one of my molds is MUCH larger in the ear canal than the other.