Pain from ear mold

I got new ear molds a week ago, with canal locks.

The HIS had to help me insert them, but once in they did great.

However- the following day I had trouble getting them in. I managed the left, but the right was a lot of trouble. And I made the mistake of twisting it a bit to try to work it in. And it made my ear rather sore. But I expected that to clear up. It hasn’t.

Now- a week later, I still have a very sore ear canal on that side. It hurts to insert it. It almost feels like it’s going in too deep. I can relieve some pain if I back it out a little by pulling down on the canal lock.

Do you guys think this is something I will get over? Or might I have a problem?

I think you need to have them look at the problem. Looks like it needs to be redone.

First things first, earmolds should never hurt! If they do you need to go back to where you got them and have them either modified or redone. They can be modified to a certain degree but if it doesn’t work they will have to be remade and that could mean new impressions being done with you possibly moving your jaw while the impression material is in your ear, to hopefully make them more comfortable.

have you cleaned you molds between usage?

All good advice. I have not been cleaning them with alcohol. I’ve only had them a week. But that’s likely a good idea.

I went back to Costco yesterday and they modified the mold slightly where they thought I was getting some irritation. (They saw a red spot in my ear that they felt was the cause of my discomfort. And they gave me a bottle of drops: Miracell Pro Ear. (For free)

It’s feeling a bit better today.