Oxygen and hearing aids

Hi All,

I need to wear oxygen most of the time now, or at least when I am moving about. I take it off when I am at the computer, driving, etc. and sometimes it just comes off.

My problem is I have the Oticon behind the ear hearing aids. It got so I would notice that a hearing aid was hanging from the oxygen tubing enough that I became afraid to wear them figuring I would lose one. However, I had an event that I attended that it would be nice to hear better, so I wore them, and sure enough I lost one hearing aid. It was covered by an Oticon warranty for a year so replacing it is not TOO expensive.

However, needless to say I need to solve this problem. Has anyone else dealt with it, and did they find a good solution?




Ask your insurance company about ‘personal articles’ insurance. It is separate to home owners insurance. Typically it’s a stand alone policy, that’s relatively inexpensive, has no deductible and allows you to insure your hearing aids for what they would cost to replace.

Then if you lose one, it’s not the end of the world.

My wife once had a necklace stolen, my insurance agent was next door to my practice. I went in at 10am, told him about the loss. At noon he dropped in my office with a check in his hand for the full amount. Probably the neatest insurance claim I’ve ever seen!

Thanks ZCT,

My next search was going to be on insurance – but probably first I should check with my insurance agent. He will be happy to hear from me anyhow.

In googling around I found this a partial solution that is sort of like a glasses holder for hearing aids with sleeves that fit over the aid, a cord, and a clip. Things could get awfully busy behind my ears with all my cords, though!

(Can’t post the link as I haven’t posted 15 messages)

Any experience with this?

Otoclips work quite well and are often used in pediatric fittings due to the liklihood that a child will take off a hearing aid or simply lose it in their daily activities. They are more like the chains/cords you would buy to keep glasses hanging around your neck. Not too expensive or bulky…usually run about $10 - $15. A listing of them is Here. You may have to order them through an audiologist/HIS though…not sure if they deal directly with the consumer.

Do the Otoclips scoot over the part that goes in your ear and are tight enough they don’t go over the behind the ear part? They don’t really show a picture of it in use, but that is what I gather from what you say. That doesn’t harm that little thin tube going down to your ear or tend to pull it out?

No problem with the audiologist, they have been searching for a solution for me too and when I pick up the new aid I could order that.


I wanted to report back in. Following the Otoclips idea I ended up on the Westone site which under personal care (still can’t post links, sorry) had both the Otoclips in a clear which suits me better and another couple of possible solutions. Because of the shipping breakpoints, I ended up getting three things to try, plain Otoclips, something called Huggie aids which might be the best solution for me if it works as it goes around the ear, and an adhesive product which I suspect will not be my solution – but it was cheap, and who knows?

Hope this helps others. I will also check out insurance, BTW, as that also is a good suggestion. I figure I should do everything I can not to lose them first, and I know I am an accident waiting to happen in that department!

Thanks so much everyone!