Own voice sounds distorted

Using Oticon Opn 1. My voice sounds distorted but everything else sounds ok. Any ideas?

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You didn’t give much info. Look up “occlusion” and see if that fits. Information that would be helpful would be audiogram (preferably entered so it shows up with your avatar) and what kind of domes you’re using.


This is my audiogram. I am using double dome on right and single on left. My voice sounds like it’s computer generated but I can hear everyone else ok. Thanks

Audiogram didn’t come through. Doesn’t really sound like occlusion. My leanings are that if you give it some time you’ll get used to it. If it continues to be an issue, discuss with your audiologist/hearing aid fitter.

What type domes are installed?

One’s own voice is often strange at the start. With the ear canal less open, the resonance from bone conduction is more pronounced. The fitter can reduce that somewhat and the brain should adapt in a reasonable time.

Your audiogram doesn’t show what your conductive loss is.

My hearing loss in my right ear is completely due to idiopathic Sudden Sensorineural Hearing loss last October. My left ear loss was due to blunt force trauma 22 years ago. I’ve had all the tests and everything works ok no obvious damage.

I currently using double layered dome in right ear and single on left ear.

Thanks I’ve deleted it I think

Ok. So now at least you’re not providing your DOB out in the open. Identity theft and all that. Then for people to see what you have going on with your hearing and to maybe help you a little better…this site has a method to enter in the numbers of your audiogram and make a nice chart rather than just an uploaded image. Notice some avatars have a little symbol to the lower right. That means that user has an audiogram entered. Click on it and some information that the user has offered … and … you can see the audiogram that they put in.