Over the ear or in canal

I have the Siemens in the canal,about 2.5 years old I get whistling is the volume set too high?I ordered Siemens over the ear would that be better then the ones I have now. Thanks

I have tried the CIC and did not like them; am now trying BTE open ear and like much better. Still in trial period and going tomorrow for and open ear that has mike in the ear bud; will let you know how that works. I find that the BTE open ear is almost invisible and it is really comfortable; have to feel to see if I have them on. Need to add that I am trying Rexton which is made by Siemens and the one that I will be getting tomorrow is the Siemens Centra, however, will be a Rexton and not sure what it will be called. By getting Rexton, I am getting a quality aid at a less expensive price than I would pay for the Siemens. :slight_smile: