Over the ear headphones and headphone amp

With my hearing loss, I don’t do very well with any over the ear headphones I have tried unless the aids are on under them. In an effort to spend some time without my aids in but still able to listen to music and speech, why not purchase a headphone amplifier? I have figured I need about 45 dB of power to bring the volume up to where I can make sense of it. I don’t fully understand how to determine the output since its mostly displayed in watts.

Has anyone tried using over the ear headphones and an amplifier to be able to comprehend without aids in?


You don’t list what your music source is.
Using a phone, or discreet audio components, or media PC?
What kind of Headphones do You use? Low or high impedance?
With your degree of loss, you may be better served with IEM’s, but if you have decent headphones, and you can enjoy music with your aids, that may be the best choice.
I have a Xonar Essence Audiophile soundcard in my PC, which has a discreet Headphone amp, and I don’t get close to the level of fidelity I get with my aids in.
The amp only increases the input gain based on the impedance of the headphones, but you still need equalization for your loss.
I don’t know if this is helpful, but it’s all I’ve got.
This may help.