Over-the-counter hearing aid regulations delayed due to coronavirus?

due to coronavirus? I bet we don’t even see over the counter HA’s this year due to the FDA concentrating on a vaccine to deal with coronavirus. So cheap HA’s delayed to the masses year after year after year.

Well you won’t need them if you die from the virus. I guess the government has their own set of priorities


I am sorry but You need to get your priorities straight.


It seems like the whole world is on hold for 2020. Not the best start for a new decade. I’m just hoping we can avoid a prolonged global depression at this point …


I’m hoping that I can survive to see the results of the latest Frequency Therapeutics clinical trial and to see my kids grow up. Not necessarily in that order of importance. Oh… and as you say, being able to feed my kids at the end of it all would be nice.

I think everyone is a little surprised by the timing of your complaint and how insensitive it seems to be considering what most of the people on the planet are dealing with right now