Over the counter "hearables" anyone?

I’ve been reading about over the counter hearing aids for mild to moderate hearing loss. I’m particularly interested in one called Nuheara IQbuds Max which is supposed to have won some design award. Has anyone tried this hearing aid (the industry calls it hearables, like wearables) and would like to share their views?

There’s an earlier review from here on Hearing Tracker.

I, too, am v. interested in the ‘hearables’ developments upcoming. Personally, I’m looking at Jabra Enhance Plus for a next purchase (maybe). That, too, had a formal review here on Hearing Tracker, where it can be read.

I tried them briefly and didn’t like it. The pros - their in situ hearing test is better than expected. It doesn’t give numbers but the graphic of mine did represent my loss, which is not equal in both ears. What I didn’t like is that they are pretty big. I didn’t feel comfortable wearing them in a restaurant or such as it looks like you have ear buds. Also I did not like the occlusion feeling.

However the actual hearing support part was good. Not nearly as good as the aids I have now, but certainly worth the cost.

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I think they’re called amplifiers not hearing aids. And the one thing I’ve learned when it comes most listening devices. Take the manufacturers claims with a grain of salt

Nuheara’s next range of models should be interesting. They are going for official ‘otc’ hearing aid status. I think right now they are ‘situational’. You wouldn’t wear them all the time. As @Janofh said, too tiring.

Personally I’m interested in the Olive Pro that should be released later this year.

I looked at the olive pro. The current ones were still a kickstarter so I didn’t bother. They are out now though.