Outdoors Guy new to Hearing Aids

The VA has me trying out a pair of Siemens Pure Carat 701 XCL’s. Received them on 14 Dec 2012 and have a 3 month trial period to make up my mind. I have already set a follow up appointment for the first part of Jan 2013. I know I need some more tuning to be done to these aids but I do like them very much so far.
I need some knowledge from those in the know on this board.
I am an outdoors guy. I Hunt, Fish and Boat in not the always best enviroment (Rain, Snow and the Potomac River of Virginia). I have relayed this to my VA Audiologlist but I received the Siemens to try.
Please, any and all adivse I can get to pass on the the VA will be greatly appreciated as to what would be the best hearing aids for me as once I make a decision I am stuck with it. As of now I have until 14 March 2013 to make any changes.

Thanks, Huddle

I too am new to hearing aids and do many of the same activities. I’m wearing the Phonak VitoQ Nano 50 which is an IIC type, the audiologist warned me never to wear them while hunting or other firearm activities as my hearing could be seriously damaged from the noise. Supposedly another one of her patients wore his aids on a hunting trip and his hearing was messed up for over a year later. Don’t know if this is specific to IIC hearing aids or all kinds.

I wanted to get “active” earplugs which amplify and filter ambient noise but since I need both industrial (continuous) noise protection for work and shooting (blast) noise protection for hunting, there is no single active product that does both. The Starkey active earplugs cost about $1500 a pair and I’d have to buy two sets (one industrial set, one sport set) which obviously isn’t cost effective, so I went with a standard vented custom fit earplugs that attenuate both steady state and blast noise but (supposedly) still allow ambient conversation to be heard… Just got fitted for the earplugs the other day so should have them in about 3 weeks.

none of the hearing aids even if they claim to be are truly waterproof. if the aids suit you otherwise, I would get some ear gears for when out in the rain and snow and a hat with ear flaps. if you fall into the river nothing is going to save them. as far as shooting I would get some some of those yellow foam ear-plugs learn how to put them in correctly and then put shooting ear muffs over them. shooting guns and already poor hearing don’t mix.

I think you people have answered my questions very well. I should have known by this forum already. But it sure don’t ask to ask the experts.

Thanks a bunch, HUddle

Get some Ear Gears or Hearing Aid Sweatbands, they will help keep the HA’s dry when out in bad weather or sweating a lot.

One problem might be feedback, if you are wearing clothing items on your head or to keep your ears warm. In those situations you may not be able to wear the hearing aids, or you might get a program set up just for that situation, where you get some use from the hearing aids but they don’t feedback.

You can get some electronic earmuff style hearing protection for shooting that also boosts hearing. I have some from Wal-Mart (about $25) that claim to boost sounds 50DB and then cut out if there is a blast. They actually work pretty well. You can use those in the woods, be protected for shooting, and still hear environmental sounds. This would be used instead of hearing aids.