Ouch! This is unexpected

To the great surprise of my audiologist and myself, the silicon inserts for the Savia Arts (or probably any open fit HAs) causes me quite a bit of discomfort and pain. The pain happens when I put them on, or have them in all the way. Once in, they are cause some pain and itching. I have been wearing them for about 1 week now with no real improvement on how they feel.

I am going to be trying out a custom ear mold to see if that helps this problem. If not i may have to just go the CIC route again :p.

I was told that most people who go from a CIC to the open fit find the new HAs to be much more comfortable. Has anyone else had an adverse reaction to the open fit ear inserts?

Yes, sometimes in certain ears, the tips, even though they are soft, can hurt.

We sometimes have to shorten the length of the tube in the ear to prevent this and/or make custom made open fit tips for greater comfort.

The custom tips can still be very comfortable. I use Westone for these types of custom molds, as they do a good job.

They will be more visible than with the tulip silicone tips.

I also had trouble with itchy ears using the open ear fitting. I tried the standard dome as well as the Widex tulip fitting. I also tried cortisone cream; this actually helped, but do not recommend it for log term use. I now have the #2 skeleton molds with a pressure vent and they are much more comfortable. I have still to get a remake due to looseness but I will never go back to an open ear fitting due to better comfort with the full molds as well as better speech in noise due to the lack of open fitting.