Ototronics Maxum device

Does anyone on the board here have this device? Would you comment on it? I’ve only learned of it last month and don’t know how it escaped my notice. I’m currently trialing new HAs but maybe it’s time to look at other approaches.


I’m not familiar with the device but in seeing your hearing loss I would recommend looking into a cochlear implant. I’ve had one for a year now and it’s been life changing for me.

I’ve read your posts in the discussion section about this. And I know some people with bi-modal appliances. Does the CI exceed the HA for clarity, speech understanding and such? How does the processor handle things such as wind noise, background noise (loud restaurant for example) and the other things that bother us HA users? And I don’t mind the HA hanging on my ear, but I really do not like the earmolds. Over the years I’ve had some that were more comfortable than others, but by the end of the day, I’m ready for some relief!

Another concern for me - I have some hearing as it is, and I’m sure that with a CI that goes away. With some of the middle ear implants there is still some hearing left, although diminished. (Though you couldn’t diminish mine by much before it’s gone altogether!) Does that bother you?

Some people are able to retain their residual hearing after getting cochlear implants. The technology and devices have improved, and the manufacturers even have specific implant devices to preserve residual hearing.

And there are programs and processing strategies that can be installed onto the CI processor for different situations (similar to what can be installed on hearing aids). The newest processor from Advanced Bionics has the same noise and zoom programmings that Phonak offers on their hearing aid devices in addition to various processing strategies, one being ClearVoice to help focus on voice/speech sounds more in noisy situations (I’ve heard the Zoom features on the newest processor works better than ClearVoice). Sonova owns both Phonak and AB and both manufacturers teamed up to work on the latest CI processor which is pretty cool. I know Cochlear has their own programming options, not sure what Med-El has but I can only guess they have something as well. Wind noise is still tricky to filter out I think, no matter what. I have wind block on my Phonak hearing aid, but pft sure doesn’t help.

I’ve never heard of the Ototronics Maxum device myself.

I had a visit with a local neurotologist with an audiology department. It seems like middle ear implants are not for me - too much loss. He think the new hybrid cochlear implant/hearing aid is my best choice. I’m going one step deeper in the process to get a more complete assessment, then I need to decide if I want to go through the CT/MRI and other reviews. In the meantime, I am also considering new HAs from different sources. My current Phonak Naida S are about 4 years old, and I’d like to use some of the newer technology. I was not completely happy with the Costco Kirklands, but the did handle some situations better than these. I have access to Epic Hearing prices through their network, and HearPO pricing through their network (used them for my current aids), plus the Costco Phonaks. But I’m interested in the tinnitus masking capabilities that Costco doesn’t provide.

And I have a job, too, so scheduling all this stuff isn’t always easy. I’ll keep posting though.

I have the device and love it. It has improved my life so much. My speech understanding with my hearing aid was only 48%, after the implant and a few adjustments my understanding went to 99%. I have even been able to understand in crowded restaurants which is so nice. I only have the one but hope to have my other ear implanted soon. Let me know if you have any other questions.

My son, age 20, was born with bilateral moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss. He has worn hearing aids since age 5. His hearing is stable and his audiogram has not changed at all over the last 15 or so years… He is also a trumpet player in his third year at a very competitive conservatory. Unfortunately, he can’t wear hearing aids while playing music. There is just too much distortion. This creates problems, such as hearing the conductor or other members of the orchestra. He mostly just puts up with it, but lately has taken to wearing one hearing aid. He has Oticon Agil Pro hearing aids.

Is the sound quality much better with the Maxum?

Have you had any complications with the Maxum?

Is listening to music more enjoyable with the Maxum?

Any information you could share would be greatly appreciated.



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My experience has been similar to dmcarter. From 12% understanding to 98%. The remote allows me to change hearing environments so that I can carry on a conversation in noisy places. I will probably have the 2nd ear implanted before the end of the year. BTW 72 yr old now.