Otosclerosis, or something else?

Over the last few weeks/months (about 2/3 months??), I have started to develop dizziness. At first, it was just when I was in bed, but now, it is when I look up/down too quickly as well. I often have a full head feeling, and hear my pulse in my ear when I exercise. For as long as I can remember, my ears have always ‘popped’ when I breathe out of my nose/talk/eat/swallow etc. I am currently awaiting a referral to an ENT specialist, as just before the dizziness started, I had a hearing test and it is suspected that I have Otosclerosis.

My question is, does anyone else have any experiences like this? Does it sound like it could be Otosclerosis, or could it be something else? It is not yet confirmed that it is Otosclerosis, but all I know is that my hearing is rapidly getting worse.

My hearing loss is conductive.

Hi Becky,
Google “Superior semicircular canal dehiscence” and make sure the ENTs consider this. Your symptoms are textbook, and the hearing loss it creates has historically been mistaken for otosclerosis.

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

I am not so sure that it is that. I have some of the symptoms, but I don’t have some of the more tell tale symptoms (oscillopsia, autophony, or the Tullio phenomenon).

Enough smoke there to consider it for sure. Diagnosis is ultimately made via a high-resolution CT scan of the temporal bone in the plane of the superior canal. VEMP testing is also helpful. Most have a combination of some but not all of the possible symptoms.

I will point it out to ENT doc when I see them, thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile:

My guess is it’s something else besides the Otosclerosis. Your audi probably diagnosed your Otosclerosis based on your bone conduction threshold dipping at 2000Hz. If it does that is why you were told you have Otosclerosis. You can have Otosclerosis and also have something else going on in you inner ear that is causing your symptoms. Call your doctor and get into see an ENT now, don’t wait for the referral.

You might ask your ENT about Meniere’s Disease. Those are classic symptoms.

No, I have a rise at 2k Hz. Look at my signature. My SN hearing is all perfect.