Otologics Announces a Clinical Research Study for a New Fully Implantable Device

Otologics Announces a Clinical Research Study for a New Fully Implantable Hearing Device
BOULDER, Colo., Sept. 5 /PRNewswire/ – Otologics, LLC, a Boulder, Colorado-based developer of hearing devices is currently enrolling patients in a clinical research study for a new fully implantable hearing device.
For many people, a hearing aid restricts activities because it has to be removed before participation. It can prevent them from swimming, aerobic activities, or playing tennis, and can interfere with sleeping and showering because of perspiration or other moisture. In short, it can make the simple, enjoyable things in life more difficult.
A new investigational, fully implantable hearing device from Otologics is now being evaluated. Unlike traditional hearing aids, this device is surgically implanted under the skin. Nothing is worn in the ear canal and no part of the device is visible externally.
Patients 18 years of age or older, with moderate to severe hearing loss, who are currently wearing a hearing aid and who speak English, may be eligible to participate in this clinical research study. The sponsor is covering physician and surgical costs. Participants will be responsible for the cost of the actual hearing device, which is $12,500, as well as personal transportation for clinic visits.
Call 1-866-394-7320 for more information about the clinical research study for this investigational, fully implantable hearing device.
Otologics, LLC is a Boulder, Colorado-based medical device company, which is dedicated to developing implantable hearing devices designed to enhance the quality of life of the hearing impaired. Otologics, LLC is located at 5445 Airport Blvd Boulder, CO 80301. For more information contact Annemarie Osborne at MediaInquiries@Otologics.com or (949) 916-1147.
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