Oto - Tinnitus Therapy & Self Treatment

Beta is up if anyone wants to give it a try and provide feedback? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.oto.tinnitus

Sounds like snake oil to me. I heard a program on Audiology Online that talked about treatment. It was mostly about behavior modification. In other words, learning to live with your tinnitus, not curing it. When I mentioned it to an acquaintance whose Tinnitus is impacting his life, he said that if it wasn’t a cure, he wasn’t interested. I have had it so long, I seldom think about it. It is just part of my life.

I agree with you 100%! I have tinnitus since around '75. It is really loud and annoying at times. My Audi back then said “learn to live with it, It ain’t going anywhere.” She was so right, if anything, it has gotten worse over the years. I have learned to just accept it and I really don’t pay attention to it. It is there, but usually not important…

Most of the time, mine is a background sound. It is difficult to describe. Kind of like a really high frequency hiss. Sometimes, it will turn into a tone, but that doesn’t usually last long. When it first appeared, back in the early to mid seventies, it about drove me nuts for a while. I haven’t known true silence for a very long time.

This is interesting there are a lot of apps out there to help in relief of Tinnitus. Who would have thought. I have had this for a long time. I do not expect a cure but if these things help people get relief great. Good for them.

Acceptance and moving on is the only “cure”…It ain’t going anywhere! Learn to live with it.

Been dealing with it for over 12 years in my left ear. Just a ringing, had no problem ignoring it. Then when I lost my hearing in my right ear about six months ago, noises started in it that made me forget all about the ringing in the left. Most of the time it sounds like air being squeezed out of a balloon but also gets very musical with electric guitar and organ. It’s gonna take some time to get use to that.

I have had tinnitus since my hearing started to decline. My hearing loss was probably caused by loud military and industrial noise.

I also believe that medications can make it worse, for example narcotic pain relievers and NSAIDs. I find it best to stick with acetaminophen type pain relievers as much as possible. I don’t believe there is a cure. I have an exceptional audiologist that adjusts my aids to maximum benefit.


Not sure what you are saying to me nor do I care.

I don’t think he was being critical. Just saying most of us have to learn how to live with tinnitus.

I have dealt with tinnitus since the 70’s. It has only gotten worse over the years. I can remember thinking I would go crazy. We just have to put the tinnitus in its place. A mental control is maybe a good description. Self therapy.


I was aiming nothing at you, just pointing out for all that deal with this problem, you gotta take an attitude that it will not slow you down at all. All the ads for relief are snake oil! If you are offended, I apologize!..It was not intended as anything negative towards anyone at all…

I was saying if this helps you great. Technology is interesting sometimes. Wasn’t looking to be told to live with it nor do I care. My point was it was interesting nothing more or less. Each their own. It was sent to me that was how I found out who to talk to. Otherwise I would not known who send it to nor cared. I.Don’t see that information being blind just see a response and click. I read the response and write back. Just like your response came to my attention in the same way. Hope this clarifies things. I always assume good intentions. It makes like more fun and peaceful.


I only responded to you as it was addressed to me personally.

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If you took that kind of talk to the Tinnitustalk forums you’d be strung up from the nearest virtual tree.

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I know, but at the end of the day, isn’t that what happens? I guess you can see that I am not the most diplomatic of folks. Retired military and retired from the prison system. I just say it…My meaning was benign…

My final words on this subject, If I have offended anyone, I apologize…
what was meant was:
1 Do whatever it takes to get past this.
2 Counselling?
3 Support group?
4 I even knew a fellow who used hypnotism…and it worked for him.
5 In my case, over a period of years, I learned to ignore it…It is still there, but does not bother me like it used to.
Best wishes to all who have this problem…

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@danhuddleston You certainly didn’t offend me. There are people out there who don’t want to know about anything less than a complete cure, who believe that any talk about living with tinnitus is somehow insulting to them. I don’t see that that attitude helps them or anyone else.


@ danhuddleston You didn’t offend hearingaiduser2020 or I. I think you got caught in a loop between us over a comment I sent to hearingaiduser2020. Sorry if you thought it was aimed at you it was met for me as I didn’t understand what was being said by him. I asked if he clarify what he said. That why I liked it and deleted hearingaiduser2020 deleted it after I read it. Sorry if we upset you.


I agree well said hope you have a great day.

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You have to explain how you sent that message.