Otitis Media in Adults

Ive had ear infections since I was an infant. I wasnt prescribed antibiotics until I was a teen (1970 or so). Had a modified radical mastoidectomy in 1980 9in an effort to stop the infections. Im now 53 years old and I still get an infection 3-5 times a year. I have a profound hearing loss in my right ear and a severe in my left. Not big on whining but my life has been hell.
Is there treatment for OM in adults? They wont give me antibiotics to ward off infections because Ill build up a resistance.
Every time I get a cold or flu, it settles in my ear and it starts all over again.
Has anyone else had similar issues?
Any home remedies that actually work?
And why didnt I outgrow it?

That’s an ENT level issue … outside the remit of a (UK) hearing aid dispenser.

PS Have drainage tubes ever been fitted and/or worked? Have your Eustachian tubes ever been checked: are they staying closed properly?