Otigon delta stopped working ... yikes!

I am a newbie with HA’s with serious hearing loss. I made the mistake of buying a set of Otigon HA’s from a private party (craigslist) who claimed they were duals but they turned out to be deltas. they sort of worked for a little while but the left side died on me. it came back to life one time but died again when the battery had to be replaced. I have done the obvious with bat swapping, etc but no go. Any ideas?

I had a hearing test but have not yet had the units programmed.

0250.Hz L-45 R-25
0500.Hz L-55 R-35
0750.Hz L-65 R-45
1000.Hz L-75 R-55
2000.Hz L-85 R-70
3000.Hz L-80 R-70
4000.Hz L-80 R-70
8000.Hz L-75 R-70

also, is there any good explanation available to help me interpret the printed results as they are Greek/Geek to me ?

When my Oticon HA started clicking like a clock I 1st took it to the Audiologist; they couldn’t fix it and wanted to send it out for repair to the tune of $350 or $485 if it had to go to Oticon. So I picked it up and having heard good things about www.DIRECTHEARINGAIDSERVICES.com, in Garden Grove,CA, I sent it in and for $142.99 they fixed it and had it back to me in 6 DAYS from when I sent it to when I had it back! The HA center was going to take 10 working days. It has worked great since. I don’t know where you live, but this is one option. Hope it helps.

check contacts. if you know what are you doing, just push them a little to inside… to be sure there is contact with battery.

I’ll take a stab at explaining the results. First though, you know how you are doing this is less likely to produce great results. I know hearing aids are a major chunk of change and nobody wants to pay it. I have a feeling that you found someone to program them because the hearing aids are somewhat old now and they figure you will be back for some new ones in a year and where will you go? Back to the person who programmed them.

There is one thing that sounds strange, they worked for a while but you haven’t had them programmed yet?

OK, what you posted is just the pure tone test, the one that looks like a graph. There are other things that probably look/sound even less like useful information, but the other stuff on the hearing test is very important too, so please post that as well.

The numbers on the test are decibel (Db) levels showing how much worse your hearing is than normal.

For example, your left ear hearing at 1000 Hz is 75 Db worse than perfect/normal hearing. Middle C on a piano is 261 Hz and two C’s up from that is 1046 Hz, just for reference on what a tone at 1000 Hz sounds like.

0 decibels would not mean no sound at all, it would mean the faintest sound a young, normal human ear could hear, so 75 Db would be the faintest sound you could hear at 1000 Hz with your left ear.

So yeah, pretty serious. There are some ways to get good results while not paying quite as much. There are online places like Hearsource, America Hears, and HearPod (nobody here talks about HearPod) and of course, Costco. Most Costcos have a hearing center.