Oticon ZPower available for purchase?

Does anyone know where one might be able to acquire the ZPower recharging device for my Oticon miniRITE hearing aids?

My aud charges $375 for the unit, which seems a bit excessive.

I dunno, maybe you could try emailing a few of the online hearing aid sellers that are often mentioned here when ppl buy hearing aids from them.

$375 is probably the best you’ll get; they are quite expensive even directly from Oticon.

$375 would buy you batteries for life. :slight_smile: Rechargeable batteries last a year and change and some charge quite a bit to replace them.

Yeah, I hear it’s about $50 to replace a pair of Z Power rechargeable batteries and they only last a year.

I heard somewhere that the retrofitted battery housing and the charger alone runs for around $300 from Z-Power. Then the pair of rechargeable batteries run another $50. So $375 is not bad. Oticon probably marks it up even higher to make a profit from you.