Oticon zest p


I have just been fitted with a zest spirit p hearing aid and noticed that on the back is a silver toggle switch. The audio guy did not mention this switch when he fitted it. I assumed it was some kind of volume control but it doesnt appear to make any difference when I press it either one way or the other. I wear two aids and the other one is an Oticon spirit with just a small button for using the loop system I think. I needed the new aid which he told me was a bit more powerful, the other ear seems to be OK. Being blind I didnt notice this little toggle at the time and there was no instruction leaflet with it. Can someone tell me its purpose please.

Hi, this is the Oticon NHS-special model and the rocker switch can have functions - or none - at the whim of the fitter. Standard NHS fit is to disable it (and to leave you with just the auto program at a fixed volume).

It can be set to:

vol up/down
program change
Vol up/down AND program change (via longer or shorter presses).

You can ask for it to be set at your review (or call up for a tweak appointment).

Many thanks for your reply, that has cleared up the mystery. It has obviously not been set to any program as you suggest. I am not too worried about it now that I know. many thanks again for your prompt reply. I have just discovered this forum and it certainly has a wealth of information.