Oticon worst hearing aids I have ever owned

Have been wearing hearing aids for 30 years and always had siemens prior to this last set

every single pair of siemens still works, they were usually only upgraded after 5-6 years because of the new technology available

3 years ago i got oticons, not sure which model now but they were crappy right from the get go
they were definitely top of the line aids though, not bottom end

lousy sound quality and they did not make it The first summer without having issues, they live in the heater box at my house, I am also in Arizona where it is hot but dry and they have had repeated issues

They are total junk and I will never purchase another Oticon product or any of their affilated lines

I need new aids and will probably be going back to Seimens because they have been extremely reliable

Just wanted to share my experiences in case someone is doing research on new purchases

They sucked to begin with… You lived with for three years and now you’re complaining?

It’s OK to share your dissatisfaction with your Oticon HAs, but it’d be better if you can share the specific model you’re wearing instead of just making generalization for the whole brand which doesn’t really help with anything.

If you’re not happy with the sound quality, why didn’t you return them during your trial period?

Don’t anybody tell him Siemens doesn’t make hearing aids any more…

Usually Oticon is very reliable.

Probably poor programming

Happy10, you have my empathy here. ANY time HAs don’t work to our satisfaction it is a real stresser! I have also worn aids for 30+ years, and have tried Starkey, Phonak, AGX and Oticon. You can see by my audiogram that my hearing loss is PROFOUND. I have no margin for error when aids fail.

That said, I have found that there have indeed been a couple of hiccups with my Oticon aids. But that is why I always travel with a backup pair. I had my right Oticon Agil Pro fail on me when overseas a couple years ago. Luckily, they were fixed and have never failed (before or) since! In fact, I have been so happy with Oticon in terms of sound quality (richness, dynamic range) that I just bought the Opn miniRITE RIE in December. These aids are fantastic with the TV streaming unit. Are they perfect? No! But their pros outweighed the cons AND they offered some critical benefits over my old Agil Pros.

Fit (as in good SEAL), sound quality (as in programming) and reliability are KEY!! If you find a different brand that gives you all that, GOOD FOR YOU! :slight_smile:

But it would be interesting to know the exact brand of your Oticon aid (comes with the booklet) and issues you had. Also: what brand are you using now? If you have your audiogram to share, that would also be helpful here.

I will try to find what model they are

Actually I did not live with them for three years, I went back to using my old Siemens that still work , the oticons were my backups, they sometimes seem to halfway work for a few hours before they start crackling

I went in three or four times to have them programmed and it never made any difference, the sound quality was always lousy
the siemens that were probably seven or eight years old were clearer than the oticons, at first I thought it was just adjusting to a new hearing aid but they just have lousy sound quality

sent both of these in when they were about 2 1/2 years old to be repaired, they made it 4-5 months maybe without crackling, cutting in and out etc before they started having problems again

i thought siemens just changed the name but it is basically the same company

Shame to hear this - Definitely should go back and explain what is happening. If it was me, I would. I can’t live my daily life without mine. I have always found Oticon reliable. It was always Phonak I had an issue with.