Oticon wins permanent injunction against online seller


Good audiologists have helped me live an active life since two decades and I believe most of them have been very fair and considerate. I am indebted to them . In contrast, I’ve seen ENTs (consulted for non HA related issues like sinusitis etc ) with unsolicited offers to help with buying better hearing aids . The big 6 are certainly culprits in developing this eco system.


Let me to clarify. So oticon (and phonak too) bans all online sales for ALL own products, including domes, remote controls, TV adapters, ConnectClips, etc, not only hearing aids? Is it a smart solution, especially for remote regions such as Russia? Online shops was the only way to buy modern and bit cheaper hearing aids and accessories in Russia. So Big 6 deliberately deprive themselves from additional sales? Haha


I think it might just be hearing aids. I found a Compilot 2 for sale on hearingdirect.com and I assume other accessories would be available.


Ok. But hearing aids must be still sold by online shops. I have very rare hearing loss, and not each audiologist can fit hearing aids for me. Russia is very big country, and driving from one audiologist to other is very time consuming. I have self fitted three different pairs of hearing aids, and I have best results than from audiologists. Only I can feel own sensations, but not audiologist. If online shops will close, I will have to buy used hearing aids from Ebay. It’s better solution than nothing.


I buy used from eBay and self program. Much much cheaper and better for me.


Hopefully, with the “over the counter” aid law coming soon, will put pressure back at these manufacturers. I myself purchase from Buy Hear back in 2016 and was very happy with the process. Not only did I pay half of what my audiologist quoted, I discovered many more features on my aids by doing the self program.