Oticon wins permanent injunction against online seller


From impudent oticon to Phonak

Looks like the way of the buyhear.com route is fading, but the other way like truehearing.com where they hook you up with a local audi is still a legit approach.


This pair (my first) will be my last…


Not sure of exactly how much a “victory” this is… BuyHear.com is already out of business.


seems hearing aid company will do business without Hearing Aid Users
even they can raise fund like costco roadmap with slight change
instead providing bunch of aid especially old at cheaper rate and tecnological difference just sell one top of line at subsidise price it will also brig sales and revenue up more than current selling model.


Once upon a time there was an iron curtain and there was a USSR. Such strategies don’t last long in an open and competitive market.


Which products Oticon wants to sell by audi only? Absolutely all, including remote controls, TV adapters, domes, ConnectClips, wax busters, etc? If so, Oticon is most suicidal and stupid company at market. Dynamo will be my first and last online bought aids. I hate Phonak, but I will have not any other choice. Welcome, disgusting sounding Naida… :rage:

And word “victory” is too impudent in this context. Online sellers raised sales of Oticon products. Ok, Oticon, continue to cut the branch on which you are sitting


ya now oticon will be on 6th number from today. total agree


Oticon Opn SP (MFI only, Connectclip and TV adapter - that’s all!, and no online sales) or Phonak Naida M (MFA, all range Roger direct compatibility, online sales) - what to choose? Phonak, of course!


And one more thing. I live in Russia. Here in Russia is a different product certification burocratic system. No international certification allowed. Registration and certification of each model of hearing aids can take time from 2 to 4 years. Many of Oticon hearing aids changed to next model during certification, and this process then starts from zero for new model. So no Dynamo and Opn sales here in Russia yet. It can be solved by online purchases or trip to other countries for hearing aids purchase only, and this trip is too expensive, troublesome, and time consuming. So Oticon will finally lost almost all market in biggest country on the Earth. Very stupid company.

P.S. Go to oticon.com.ru, and you will see hearing aid models sold in Russia. Sumo, Get, Hit, Intiga, Chili, etc… Shame.


I’m sure Buyhear was giving better service and support than Oticon. This is all about protecting the oligopoly and pricing structure obviously. They may have won the battle, but will ultimately lose the war the same way IBM did with pc hardware


I mean, to be fair, Oticon gives good customer support to their customers. But hearing aid users are not their customers.


My personal opinion :

  1. A doctor / audiologist should not be a seller and a seller should not be a doctor / audiologist.

  2. Pricing of medical expertise / services / care and selling of instruments / gadgets / electronics need to be separate and transparent.

  3. Its a conflict of interests and ideally a patient should walk away from clinic of any doctor who tries to sell them anything instead of providing medical care. This conflict of interest probably wont even be tolerated in a lot of professions.


“Oticon. Our valued hearing care partners first.”

They even ignore all emails with our questions and idea offers. No any feedback which can raise product quality. Arrogance rolls over. Only absolute disregard of this company can help. I loved Oticon for all my life, but now I will prefer future Naida Marvel with Roger Select! :yum:


Absolutely agree! Sale of drugs by doctors is prohibited here in Russia (maybe in other countries too). All drugs are sold in separated drugstores. So why audiologists can sell hearing aids?


Excuse me, but I’m not completely understood the “OTC hearing aids” program. Will it be a solution for this situation? If I understood right, OTC suggests online and offline sales of hearing aids separated from audiologists (as doctors and drugs are separated)?


I agree with you. I was enormously uncomfortable with this when I entered audiology and became aware of the current structure, and that played into my choice to seek a position where I was not working on commission, I had no sales pressure, and I am kept separate from the finances. I want to feel that I am making all of my decisions based on my patient’s best interests, without the waters being muddied by any potential personal financial compensation. Doctors cannot sell drugs where I live either, and my own father was always very clear and vocal about the ethical problems of doctors being wined and dined by pharmaceutical companies, which I think happens less here in Canada than down in the States but is still a problem.

However, it is naive to think that the separation of drug sales from doctors has solved the whole problem. Doctors cannot sell drugs, but they can sell procedures. My father advocated doctors being on salary so that they wouldn’t be tempted to pick a more highly compensated procedure over another, but that has not happened. And in the hearing field specifically, ENTs certainly sell hearing aids. Recently in my area ENTs have also started selling a particular cochlear implant that does not interface with FM systems, which is inappropriate for children but their hospital has a good deal with the makers of the implant. I have no idea what the situation is for other medical devices like pace makers or artificial hips.

It would be nice to come up with a system to solve this, although I am not terribly political and that is what it would take. The solution cannot, however, be people fitting their OTC power devices on their own. There has to be an interface where appropriate diagnostics are completed before someone is cleared for hearing aids, and fittings are monitored over time. Personally, I’d love audiology to become part of universal health and for the government (aka taxes) to cover hearing aids.


I should add that, while I am certainly biased towards being friendly with a certain set of people, no audiologist I know is consciously guided by financial concerns when dealing with their patients. They exist within a system that has problems, but they all went into a healthcare field hoping to help people and they are trying their best daily to do so.


It’s a business, nothing personal. Only profit is a first and last factor. Even if patient will die - nothing scary, all money are in pocket yet. Very Western approach. Patient care and treatment of disease on the vine - it’s an Eastern approach only.


That’s certainly an exggeration.