Oticon WaxStop vs Widex Cerustop Wax Guards

I have read that Widex Cerustop Wax Guards will work on Oticon products such as the Oticon Epoq RITE.

They are both about the same price. Does one have advantages over the other?

If you are buying Widex, buy the nanocare wax traps, the case is clearly marked nanocare. They are the latest design from Widex, the shape has not changed they have been treated to repel oil and moisture more effectively.

Change your wax traps regularly, how regularly really depends on how waxy your ear is. One of my Patients could change their wax trap every six months, another might need to do it every three weeks. If you have a very waxy ear or humidity problems, buy a BTE, a micro BTE with a thin tube fitting and a modular or custom tip is really probably more cosmetically pleasing than a custom ITE.

That should read or an RIC or RITE, receiver in the canal. at the end. just call me fool.