Oticon Vigo vs Delta

Hi everyone,

I’m suffering from mild hearing loss. I’m currently trying out a pair of Oticon Vigos. My hearing specialist is letting me try everything out first.

My first 2 trials were the Oticon Delta 8000 & 6000.

Can anyone share any of their experiences with these instruments.

Thank you, Mark

As it is, Vigo pro is a superior instrument (asuming Vigo RITE) than the delta,
Vigo pro outperform most of the last generation High end instruments, while keeping its costs down. THERE will be a new delta, in 2-3 months time

I am new to hearing aids, and my Audi suggested the Delta 4k. I tried, but it just didnt cut the mustard in noisey environments, so we moved to the Delta 6k. I performed better, but then I read about the Vigo Pro and quickly moved to try that one out.

It is the one I currently have been testing and will end up purchasing. Very pleased.

I had very good results with it…

Thank you for your input.

I’m uncertain if I have the Vigo or Vigo pro. They are the “RITE” style.

My owners booklet does not specify if they are pros or ?

How can i tell?

Thanks, mark


I tried out the Delta 6000’s, then the Vigo Pro’s. The Vigo Pro’s were superior.

basically, vigo or vigo pro you can get them either
vigo bte with thing tubing , so you can use it with a slim tubing and if your hearing gets worse you can change the hook to a normal bte style hearing aid… Alternative, you can get it as a received in the ear (rite) so the fitting range is a bit less (you could increase the fitting range with a micromold) but
you need to have a 9mm straight canal…

the dif between vigo and vigo pro is - adaptative multi band directionality, VC learning a couple more channels, datalogging a bit better…

other than that you are getting quite a smiliar instrument…

Hi Mark,
There is no way to tell by looking at the aids (Vigo & Vigo Pro look the same), so you will have to ask your hearing provider which one you have.