Oticon Vigo suddenly stops working

Hi, I’ve had my Oticon Vigos since August of 2008. They were working perfectly fine today until I tried to put them in a few minutes ago. Now the right one refuses to turn on. I’ve tried changing the batteries, taking out the tubes, no avail. Does anyone know if it could be moisture? It is snowing today and I was out in the snow; perhaps the moisture from my slightly damp hair or the snow might have damaged it? They are not wet right now but maybe internally?

Also it would be difficult to get them repaired. I am American and got them originally from the states, but now I am studying abroad in Denmark. So I guess it would involve extra costs to have them shipped back and forth from the states. Does anyone know how to go about getting hearing aids repaired if you are not in the country where you bought them?

Also this is my first pair of digital hearing aids. Is it normal for them to just all of a sudden stop working?

Did you clean any wax out of the tube and/or earmold? The times that I’ve had symptoms like this, there was wax completely blocking the earmold, tubing or receiver (for receiver-in-canal aids).

Do you have Danish CPR-number? If you have that you should be medically covered and hearing aids are also covered. Oticon also have an international warranty if I remember correctly, then they should be covered if they are less than a year.

I would go to a hearing aid clinic (private or public) and see first if they can help you and find out what the problem is. Maybe it is an easy fix. There are for example www.auri.dk. It’s in Danish. If you need help finding an adress or telephone number just PM me.

Oticon also have their head quarters just outside of Copenhagen, maybe you can give them a call and ask. But I think they will also refer you to a clinic.

it is a world wide warranty, they will repair it quickly… it has happend to me that the the filter in the earhook needs to be replaced… maybe it is this

As was stated, check that paper filter in the ear hook. If that becomes clogged it will seem like the aids not working. You should be able to push it out of the hook, if you can find something small enough and flexible enough to slide into the hook. I no longer use those filters.

Hi, thanks for your responses…I do have a Danish CPR number. So does this mean I can go to a clinic and they will repair it? If it’s under warranty then I wouldn’t have to pay? That’s awesome! Also i didn’t even know Oticon is in Denmark, …how ironic. :smiley:

What filters are you referring to? is it the tube or the part where the tube connects to the ear piece?

There is usually a paper filter right where the hearing aid hook, not the tubing, connects to the hearing aid. This filter easily slides out. I once took my right aid, thinking the aid was broken, to my audiologist, I couldn’t hear anything. He pushed out the filter and the aid worked fine. The tube also has an acoustic effect, I think it tends to muffle the sound. Either way removing that filter is the first thing I do, when buying new aids.

Since I’m from Sweden I’m not entireley sure with the CPR number but you can always ask. If something happened and you need medical attention you are covered since you have the “yellow card”. But maybe they have some exceptions if you’re on a student visa. Ask around and see if you’re covered. Don’t forget to ask if you’re entitled to free batteries as the Danes are, you can always ask :wink: But at least if there is something wrong with the aids you have the warranty :slight_smile:

The company was founded in Denmark 1904. They now reside in a big glass house with 550-600 people working there. Really worth a visit if you have the chance. Gn Resound and Widex are also in Denmark.

in order to take out the hook you need a small red tool.
your provider should be able to fix it with in 5 minutes of this is the problem
otherwise, they will fix it fast…

Thanks for your help. I will be going to the Auri.dk center in Copenhagen. I can’t understand the automated message on the phone so i will just show up at the clinic. Unfortunately I do not have the documentation for the warranty with me…and I have a feeling I would need that to prove that these hearing aids are new and still under warranty, right? Do I need to have them mailed from the clinic back at home? Thanks again!

Hey guys. Well I fixed the problem myself. Turned out to be wax. A small piece of wax was blocking the dome that sits in the ear canal. Amazing. I guess these digital hearing aids are just incredibly sensitive. My old analogs would never have these issues. But I’m glad to know where to get assistance with these hearing aids in Denmark should I ever need it. Thanks again for all of your help!! Whew!

Glad to see you fixed it, and that I’m not the only one who experiences that. :smiley: