Oticon Vigo domes falling off inside ear

I have been having a problem with my domes falling off inside my ear. I am using 6 mm domes and have even gone to the extent of cutting off the little flange and still they pull off inside my ear which necessitates a visit to the Otolaryngologist, the audi doesn’t have the proper tools to extract it. I have tried to use the aids without domes but find them uncomfortable. Any advise?

I can only help in that I have Oticon 10mm domes. How deeply do you insert these domes into your ear canal? With mine, they are most comfortable and they both work best when the RITE (small speaker in a very small cylindrical enclosure onto which the Dome is pressed to stay in place).

When mine are in the proper depth, if I hold up two mirrors and look into my own ear, I can see the small RITE (speaker enclosure) is just at the entrance to my ear canal. Yes, they are in the canals, but not jammed in so far that they are invisible or so far that removing the RITE causes the dome to stay stuck in the canal!

I am not a doctor and I can only tell you from my own experience what I think. I think you have them way too deep! Perhaps you need them deeper than I. I find, if mine are any deeper than they are right now, that little loop plastic wire sticks straight out as opposed to the way that wire should ride in that hollow curve on the visible portion of ear just outside the ear canal!

Hope this helps!

Thank you for the info. I never really payed attention to the depth of the speakers. I’ll have to discuss this with my audiologist.